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  • Knott
    Oct 2, 2003
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      > Bookdoc, I went rogue for several years...
      > When they needed some bad shit done they called me.

      I never know what to make of this dentist fellow who has experiences
      akin to navy seals. One of my favorite things is what I call real-
      life fiction. A form of performance art, I guess. the game is to make
      an alternative reality...something believable, but untrue -- as far
      as I can tell. It would be as simple as writing false letters to the
      editor, as odd as devining a means of creating a bank account for a
      fictional personality, and then cashing checks in its name. Writing
      letters to my own mother as a fifth child she never had. Such is the
      wacky nature of my 'reality.' The philosophical and physical
      dichotomy...I've been arrested for the way I looked, my lack of
      interest in boundaries, and my simple disregard for 'rule'. While
      being beaten in a handcuffed disadvantage, I laughed and laughed,
      cracked jokes as if almost begging to get some more. It was just a
      shorter way home, and I never got there. In my head I have never done
      anything 'wrong', but then I don't know other people who spent time --
      even overnight -- in a jail. I've never punched someone, nor gotten
      into but a verbal joust...and the only thing I could kill and feel
      good about was rats (and there were enough of them at different
      times). we are very different, you and I. But I bet somewhat the same
      in our covert ways and shadowed movement.

      Regretfully I am my own audience.

      Fortuit Afterit Amigo
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