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22516Re: [existlist] Re: Intellectual Dishonesty

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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Oct 1, 2003

      Camus examined nihilism in greater depth than the example you provide. I accept his rejection, because it is my rejection. Obviously, I choose the side of hope, because I give an ultimate dignity to the human condition. Even with dictionaries, lexicons and historical context, we are simply offered several definitions. We will always choose the definition that most suits that which we already hold to be true for ourselves. To deny desire and hope in both trivial and profound matters will only guarantee that those who masquerade as humanity will succeed in making us like them. I choose forwards rather than backwards.

      Mary Jo

      "C. S. Wyatt" <existlist1@...> wrote:
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary Jo Malo" <alcyon11@y...>
      > "If we are to fail, it is better in any case to have stood on the
      > side of those who choose life than on the side of those who are
      > destroying." - Camus
      > Mary Jo

      Camus, especially during the Algerian uprisings, came to see violent
      rebellion as no longer acceptable in the post-WWII environment. Like
      Merleau-Ponty, he came to view the Nihilists and Communists of Soviet
      Russia as suspect.

      Revolution often descends in to a cycle of violence. Camus lectured on
      this, near the time of his death. Camus struggled with the problem of
      violence, as did so many others during the 20th-Century.

      The Nihilists of Russia turned increasingly violent, without logic,
      and Camus studied this and other revolutionary movements. He came to
      view the Nihilists as basically hopeless and caught in a mob
      mentality. The violence lost its meaning -- equality for the workers
      -- and became nothing but destruction.

      Words mean things... which is why we have dictionaries and I am
      careful to post lexicons on my Web site.

      We toss about words too esily without historical context.

      - C. S. Wyatt

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