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22515Re: Intellectual Dishonesty

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  • C. S. Wyatt
    Oct 1, 2003
      I wish to clarify something..

      > A Nihilist is not destructive, nor does he or she call for
      > destruction. Nihilism, academically, is a theory that asserts that
      > humanity will peak and then descend into chaotic existence. The peaks
      > and valleys of this pattern move mankind forward, until a final
      > descent -- thousands of years from now, in theory.

      The Nihilists of Russia and Eastern Europe did not call for the
      compelte destruction of society, but rather the destruction of a
      government and its symbols. I do not consider this "destructive" in
      the sense of random and violent crime -- this is not Clockwork Orange.

      So, it becomes slightly symantec... destructive in the sense of
      tearing down a government, but not destructive in the sense of harming
      the citizens of a society. The Nihilists were no longer a political
      force by the end of World War I.

      The word "nihilism" slipped into common usage, without a reference to
      the party, to describe random and meaningless destruction. However,
      that is not the philosophical definition.

      Anyway... I must slip out again and write.
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