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  • leeedgartyler@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2003
      In a message dated 9/2/2003 1:06:20 PM Central Standard Time,
      yeoman@... writes:
      The use of the word, however, is a problem. If you say that
      someone is a "postmodernist", then their views are in
      advance of someone who might be a modernist. Thus
      "modernist" is not today, but in the past. So one might
      also ask when did this modernist exist -- in the 90s, 70 or
      perhaps in the 50s.

      Actually, the term "postmodernist" is mostly used for
      architecture in relation to the modernist movement in the
      1930s. Post modernist would then be in the 40s and 50s.

      But that still leaves the term as used within philosophy. I
      asked the same question on another philosophy list and never
      got an answer.

      I've heard several examples of postmodern architecture referred to as
      "modern" in common parlance simply because they are recent. In discussions like the
      one at hand, it's just used as an Orwellian shorthand for "something I don't

      In literature, postmodern refers to the reaction against the fragmented and
      isolated narrative and lyric forms employed by writers like Eliot and Wilder;
      sometimes it's almost a parody of them, like Catch-22 or Slaughterhouse Five;
      generally it's manifested in a return to more identifiably linear narrative
      forms with recognition of the audience and interpretive community in which it
      will be experienced. Alice Walker's Third Life of Grange Copeland or Don
      Dellilo's White Noise are good examples of postmodern lit.

      Jean Francoise Lyotard's monograph "The Postmodern Condition" A Report on
      Knowledge," which is usually published with his essay "What is the Postmodern"
      would probably answer your question much better than I can. Published first in
      Canada, as I recall.

      Ed Tyler


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