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22164Re: [existlist] Re: Characteristics of Existence

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  • eduard at home
    Aug 31, 2003
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      Yes. Creation raises all sorts of questions. Like, -- Did
      Adam have a belly button??

      In any case, I am wondering how all this relates to
      Existentialism. Is marriage part of facticity?? Does it
      jeopardize our personal subjective existence?? I don't
      recall Sartre saying much about it. But then he did a lot
      of running around.


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      > Eduard,
      > Well, I was just rereading the Old Testament and I noticed
      that polygamy is all over the map in there. Literally. It's
      everywhere. So, I figure if it's good enough for God then
      it's good enough for me. ; )
      > And let me ask you this. How come most folks see incest as
      a Sin? I mean, if we all started out from Adam and Eve, how
      in the world did they go about being "fruitful and multiply"
      without being incestuous? Immaculate conceptions again?
      > And while I don't really much know about the "rite" of
      marriage, I tend to regard the institution itself in the
      manner in which Marx and Engels might have nailed it down:
      as a legal instituition by which to hand down wealth and
      > Biggie
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