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21112Re: Death, Nothing, and Human Snails by le 'Duard

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  • Knott
    Aug 1, 2003
      > There is nothing special about humans... The only
      > thing that might be considered special is their
      > self-awareness, but this is only a result of large brain
      > size.

      Hmmm. so there are no animals with self awareness now in your special world?
      Considering brain size, I do believe we lose to several species of whale. The following
      from: http://www.highnorth.no/Library/Myths/br-si-bo.htm

      Species Brain weight Body weight Brain weight %

      Man 1500 0,07 2,1
      Bottlenose dolphin 1600 0,17 0,94
      Dolphin 840 0,11 0,74
      Asian elephant 7500 5,0 0,15
      Killer whale 5620 6,0 0,094
      Cow 500 0,5 0,1
      Pilot whale 2670 3,5 0,076
      Sperm whale 7820 37,0 0,021
      Fin whale 6930 90,0 0,008
      Mouse 0,4 0,000,012 3,2

      Interesting. Even a bottle-nose dolphin has a larger brain than 'Duard. Perhaps it is
      more accurate with facts and can understand something when it reads it. If you'd like
      to compare brain size to body mass, the mouse beats us out. This would suggest that
      both Elephants and whales are smarter than man...either that or a mouse is. At least
      it seems they have the brains to generally live in peace (from what I know that has
      been observed). Considering the theory of duard they are also several times more

      However, I am sure 'Duard will finance a great divergence from these measurements
      via twisted statistical analysis, and will also claim I am not saying anything whatever,
      and that the facts (which apparently he loves only when he makes them up off the top
      of his head) are somehow wrong when compared to his great studies of limping
      gnats, lunatic dux, and other paltry poultry.

      I regret that snails were not included in this study.

      Imabottle Knosdolpin Hokay
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