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20697Re: [existlist] Where is Everyone?

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  • yeoman
    Jun 30, 2003

      Could be. July 1st is Canada Day and July 4th is US
      Independence Day. Perhaps people are making a week of it.

      France was great. I was in the Toulouse area, near the
      Pyrenees. I think that I would retire there if I could
      swing it. But then there is always quite a step between a
      dream and reality. One does not know what things are really
      like until you are there.

      If you are thinking of going to France some day, a good
      place to stay is the "Formula 1" hotels which are
      practically everywhere. The rooms contain the basics of a
      bed, TV, and sink. The showers and toilets are down the


      I suppose that it is not something that would please
      everyone, but if you are prepared to go the minimum, then it
      is awfully cheap. The cost of the place I stayed in was
      28.50 euros. I think the euro is practically on par with
      the US dollar.


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      > Everyone seems quiet - or on vacation. Welcome back,
      > Susan
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