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2060Re: [existlist] Re: Science fiction, fictional science, rational decision, irrational mind

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  • William Harris
    May 23, 2001
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      Bookdoc, I think empiricism is the true base for existentialism. A
      phenominological examination of a situation must rely on sense knowledge as a
      base for analysis. I see science and existentialism working togeather easily
      since they both demand a rational, empirical base. Bill

      thebookdoc@... wrote:

      > <<Let me ask you something - Do your thoughts exist ? Do your dreams
      > exist ? Do they not influence reality in vast amount ? ... O' I cant
      > help this - Noone including you have ever seen, touched, smelled,
      > heard or felt your brain - do your brain not exist ?>>
      > It seems to me this jumps over a more fundamental problem in that I
      > don't think you can be sure of anything as you may be deceived by
      > perception and other factors. I don't want to rehash that. I guess it
      > depends on how much you are willing to swallow.
      > I'd look for a good definition of 'exists.' As it would seem while my
      > dreams might exist, that it is impossible to a) prove they do, and b)
      > separate them from reality.
      > I don't think this is all as obvious as many would like it to be.
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