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20386Re: [existlist] Re: Paraphrase From My Over-inflated, Complicated Existential Ego

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  • yeoman
    Jun 2, 2003
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      Mary Jo,

      What on earth are you talking about??

      In any case, if you are going to get into what you feel is a
      paraphrase of the Bible, then at least you could help us out
      by first saying that is a paraphrase of the Bible, instead
      that it is a paraphrase of your Ego. I think that's called

      You see ... this group is about discussion. I realise that
      you think it is arguing about minutiae, but that is your own


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      Subject: [existlist] Re: Paraphrase From My Over-inflated,
      Complicated Existential Ego

      > eduard,
      > It's a paraphrase of the Logos from the Bible. However,
      I'm not a
      > Christian Existentialist. Christian Existentialism is a
      > for Christians as they try to break free from erroneous
      thinking. I
      > think that is perhaps its only value. I've tried to engage
      > members in what I perceive to be existentialism and
      > For me discussions about existence are existential in
      nature. Since
      > I refuse to talk down to intelligent but lazy people, I've
      > rejected. Oh poor me. I talk to anyone who wants to
      communicate, not
      > endlessly argue in minutae, the very thing they say they
      > Whatever.
      > Mary Jo
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