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20378Re: [existlist] Love smells

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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Jun 2, 2003

      Rock on.

      "Adolescent mewings" for sure. The language I use seems complicated for children. I felt my "connection" to nature when I was 4 years old for Jebus sakes!

      If you're including me in the adolescents, whatever. I'm self-educated, as you can probably tell. I don't hold the hallowed halls of academia in very high esteem. I hold them responsible for perpetuating the spell that has been cast upon humanity. And as for the simple minds of Californians, to use a stereotype, let's blame it on MaryJane. That's not "correct", it's "masturbation".

      Mary Jo

      bhvwd <valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      I posted this morning but it was not politically correct and it was
      not accepted. The garbage I read that was written over the weekend
      tells me this group is in the grasp of the California Correctness
      Society. Oh, love, Oh unity in correct purpose! The CCS is so out of
      touch with the rest of the country, it is liberal California
      against the rest of the world.
      I was in down state ILL. this weekend. I went there in the past,
      thinking I was going back in time, now I think those people are
      better orientated to the modern reality than the pop psyche
      idealists on this list. The world does not love you, it is completely
      indifferent to your adolescent mewings. Your not existentialists, you
      are fanciful people of correct letters. The hard eyes in southern
      ILL. will eat you for lunch. I explained why in my previous post and
      will not rewrite.

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