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20360Re: [existlist] Miguel de Unamuno - The Tragic Sense of Life

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  • yeoman
    Jun 1 8:01 AM

      Thanks for the tip on Unamuno. I will see I can find the
      book on Amazon.

      As to the limitations of science, I think that this is often
      brought up in context of trying prove that science is
      somehow faulty in relation to philosophy or whatever. That
      is ... if one could find a limitation then somehow this is
      indicative of the inability of science to provide the
      answers that would like to have. But what seems to be
      forgotten is that Science only a tool. It's simply a method
      of study.

      The issue is whether there is a limitation in humanity. And
      on that, there may well be a limitation. But is it
      something that we have to worry about from an Existentialist
      point of view?? Perhaps we will never know what is beyond
      the observable universe. Yet the edge of the universe will
      be there for a while, so we need not be in a hurry.


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      Subject: [existlist] Miguel de Unamuno - The Tragic Sense of

      > I am in the midst of Miguel de Unamuno's _Tragic Sense of
      Life_. I picked
      > it up after reading Solomon's _Joy of Philosophy_ and
      _Spirituality for the
      > Skeptic_ both of which underscore Unamuno as a tragically
      > existentialist.
      > So far it is really quite good and I find he has a lot of
      very thought
      > provoking ideas with respect to the existentialist dilema
      > rationality and irrationality, rationality and passion,
      living life to the
      > fullest, and the limitations of science. The science
      thing has always been
      > of interest to me as a scientist, and I've always had
      trouble articulating
      > my view of the limitations of science. Unamuno has
      articulated the ideas
      > quite well. I'm considering writing an essay on the book
      when I'm through
      > with it to entertain and thrill you all.
      > A lot of his thesis centers around the human longing for
      immortality of the
      > soul. That has been a discussion on this board lately and
      I think a lot of
      > people might find his work of interest.
      > Cheers,
      > Zith
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