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2Re: De Unamuno & Nietzche

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  • Trevathan
    May 14, 1999
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      >2. Should I post a list of the individuals people want me to add to the
      >(Frankl, Ortega, et al???) Then, we can select the next profile for the
      >from the list.

      Dear Mr.Wyatt, Thanks for getting the ball rolling. I would like to suggest
      a future profie on Miguel de Unamuno.

      You wrote:
      >A dumb question I keep getting but decline to answer... was Nietzsche
      >gay/bisexual? (How in the world would I know or care???)
      I do agree with you. Questions concerning Nietzche's sexuality are
      gratuitous nonsense. Would the content of his work really reveal anything
      new from this persepctive? I'm sure that someone out there thinks that it
      will;probably in 'deconstruction' mode; but like you I will never be able to
      know for sure nor care if I did. Why speculate?

      Stephen Trevathan