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19612Re: [existlist] fight club

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  • Mark and Bev Tindall
    May 2 2:18 AM
      eduard wrote:

      > once more Mark makes a statement which no
      > one else has made [fighting is a true masculine
      > pursuit] and then proceeds to say it is wrong.

      I don't really care what anyone else thinks about my opinion. An abundance of testosterone is no substitute for intelligence! Fighting and violence is a stupid, irrational, illogical, ratbag and irresponsible course of action for anyone. None of my friends advocate fighting and violence.

      > It's just a movie Mark. You are focusing upon
      > the surface aspects

      I am coming to the movie from film semiotics ... which you should study rather than put forward your own misguided interpretation of the film. All art carries content. The content of this film is dual. The good content is the realisation that materialism is not the answer. The bad content is the condoning of violence. Men, in particular, could take some lessons from the pacifist males like Ghandi, Martin Lurther King, John Lennon and Jesus the Messiah. Fighting and violence is not the answer.

      > You are missing the message of men having
      > something that is fundamentally theirs, against a > world of Ikea.

      But what they have is of no ultimate importannce and does not help anyone. Instead, it destroys others ... and ultimately themselves.

      > There is tremendous mutual love in those
      > fights.

      There is no love in violence. It is a contradiction.


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