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19588Re: [existlist] Choosing Ford or BMW

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  • Lorna Landry
    May 1, 2003
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      I think I see what you mean, but I think choosing God is also a choice, and if one makes such a choice, then one also chooses that this God has an impact on choice. God has an impact on choice only for those who believe. For people who do not believe (Like yourself), God has no impact on choice.

      yeoman <yeoman@...> wrote:Lorna,

      Why is it not an existential choice?? My type of car
      reflects upon my existence as a person.

      In any case, I was trying to pose a question with respect to
      the statement that God has a moment by moment impact upon my
      choices. Choosing a car is a choice. These are the
      everyday things that we go through. I suppose you could
      have any other concrete example -- choosing a house,
      choosing a career, choosing how you are going to interact
      with your neighbour, etc., etc..

      We keep talking about this thing called, "existence", but it
      would appear that no one wishes to consider it for what it
      is. If God does not care what I choose for a car, then what
      does this god care about?? And in this caring, how does
      he/she/it have an impact??


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      > Eduard,
      > Your choice between cars does not really sound like an
      existential choice to me. I don't think a God would care
      either way.
      > Lorna

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