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  • yeoman
    May 1, 2003

      What I get from Fight Club is the idea of taking control of
      your life. Most people just drift through their living
      years. Flying from one airport to another; picking your
      furniture out the Ikea catalogue, doing the right thing with
      single serving friends.

      What Taylor is trying to point out is that they are a lost
      generation, without meaning or purpose.

      The fight and the scar on the hand are means by which to
      make one realise that they are actually living. The movie
      has very little to do with violence, although Hollywood has
      overdone it a bit. Those who see violence as central theme
      to this film, just do not understand the underlying concept.

      As to other movies that deal with existence, I suppose you
      could make up quite a list.

      The one which I like the most is, "Wages of Fear", of 1953
      and staring Yves Montand. The original French title was
      "Salaire de la peur". It was later redone [poorly], in 1977
      as "The Sorcerer" staring Roy Scheider.

      The other movie that I enjoy is "The Fountainhead", with
      Gary Cooper. A very existentialist film. It shows an
      architect who chooses for himself, instead of for the crowd.

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