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19567Re: [existlist] fight club

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  • yeoman
    May 1, 2003
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      > ... and also (wrongly) that fighting is a true masculine
      pursuit. Having completed university courses in film
      semiotics my informed opinion is that the film is about:

      > 1. Schizophrenia and delusional states
      > 2. Violence as a result of a dominant materialist society.
      > It helps if one knows how to read a film. it also helps
      if one has good comprehension.

      ---> Amazing. Once more Mark makes a statement which no
      one else has made [fighting is a true masculine pursuit] and
      then proceeds to say it is wrong. Why dont you say that the
      movie is about swallowing guns and then say that is wrong.
      Or perhaps it is all about making soap.

      In any case, your (1) and (2) would apply to a heap other
      films. They are not specific to Fight Club, as to set it
      apart. You need to look at the movie again.

      > It is NOT about male bonding which has a very different
      meaning ... particularly in the men's movement of which I
      have been a part for the last decade. The men's movement
      does not advocate violence. Male bonding is not violence!.

      ---> It's just a movie Mark. You are focusing upon the
      surface aspects, as most people do [a lot of women only see
      it as a vehicle for violence]. What is of importance is
      what lies underneath. You are missing the message of men
      having something that is fundamentally theirs, against a
      world of Ikea. There is tremendous mutual love in those

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