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19565Re: [existlist] fight club

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  • Mark and Bev Tindall
    May 1, 2003
      eduard wrote:

      > The idea of Fight Club was that you are not
      > defined by your possessions.

      ... and also (wrongly) that fighting is a true masculine pursuit. Having completed ubniversity courses in film semiotics my informed opinion is that the film is about:

      1. Schizophrenia and delusional states

      2. Violence as a result of a dominant materialist society.

      It helps if one knows how to read a film. it also helps if one has good comprehension.

      > It is all about male bonding and the role of men
      > in society.

      It is NOT about male bonding which has a very different meaning ... psartuicularly in the men's movement of which I have been a part for the last decade. The men's movement does not advocate violence. Male bonding is not violence!


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