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19559monks & munks

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  • shari hyder
    May 1, 2003
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      Yeah, a chip a chop
      A mink a monk
      A wink a link
      A life a sigh
      A tad a lad
      A see a saw
      Why why why.


      I was about to type "chipmunk" the first time I typed the word, then
      specifically changed it. And I believe I've been consistent since then.
      to "why?"..well, I dont know..it's not like I'm interested in asking
      philosophical questions or anything!



      A passing thought that must be spilled out before I head into the big
      bad city. Far as I know, a �Chipmonk� is a monk who has a chip on his
      shoulder. Boinking is out of his sphere. A �chipmunk� on the other hand
      (or foot), found in Western America and Asia falls under the category
      �genus Eutamias.� This species is known to hold nuts within its paws. A
      real cracker.


      Why "boink" a human, when you can have a chipmonk?
      I might be kidding, but it sounds like the same question to me. But no,
      not choosing anyone's side in anyone's argument.


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