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18079Re: [existlist] purpose of purpose of finding out purpose:

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  • Lorna Landry
    Apr 2, 2003
      I too have never felt this 'spark' in my heart before, at least not one that I can attribute to something that is beyond my experience. Maybe that's why I lean toward athiesm as well, but I must say, I would like to know what this sort of experience is like.

      manicpg <sacchmire@...> wrote:
      Now abviously Atheism is simply the other side of the coin from
      theism. Everyone looks for spirituality on their path. (thanks
      eduard). But, Ive never felt a spark in the heart. Thats why Im an
      athiest, I am a realist.

      (I mean no disrespect with my words, only the desire to feel
      honestly. And not feel anything that is not there)

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