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18032purpose of purpose of finding out purpose:

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  • manicpg
    Apr 1, 2003
      A very irrelivently weird answer would be that we deconstruct our
      world with X and Z equations, and when we explain how things work,
      all we are doing is refrencing a world we have no clue how came to
      be, and therefore nauseously absurdified, and as important as it is
      to in a meta/physics sense, as sartre and every philosopher (excuse
      the term) had done, still not many atheists take the spiritual
      journey to scout for those answers. There is a dirty research to be
      done, to explain how even if the big bang happened, who allowed for
      the ruleset of such properties to exist, and only a fool can ignore
      those questions. Perhaps a smarter man resorts to finding the answers
      in equations based on what he sees, humankind interaction, but it is
      a constantly muddled equation, and even when mastered provides no
      warmth in the heart. Probably deservedly, and honestly, and
      truthfully so, but still, we need to find out the answers to how
      magic fairy dust is made, and believe me, a cubic inch of eye matter
      could show any thinker that creation software was and is in motion
      but i like to be honest and write from my head. and im high.

      Now abviously Atheism is simply the other side of the coin from
      theism. Everyone looks for spirituality on their path. (thanks
      eduard). But, Ive never felt a spark in the heart. Thats why Im an
      athiest, I am a realist.

      (I mean no disrespect with my words, only the desire to feel
      honestly. And not feel anything that is not there)
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