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18027Sartre conclusion.

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  • yeoman
    Apr 1, 2003
      Lorna et al,

      Well, I skipped ahead to the Conclusion section of Being and
      Nothingness. Here is a sampling of the text on page 785:

      "..., we found ourselves confronting two radically distinct
      modes of Being: that of the For-itself which has to be what
      it is --- i.e. which is what it is not and which is not what
      it is -- and that of the In-itself which is what it is."

      or try this, from the bottom of the page:

      "Our research has enabled us to answer the first of these
      questions: the For-itself and the In-itself are reunited by
      a synthetic connection which is nothing other than the
      For-itself itself."

      Does anyone understand any of this?? I mean, if this is
      part of the conclusion, then can we get anywhere with going
      through the entire book?? Granted, one may say that you
      need to read the whole of the book in order to understand
      the conclusion, but is it worth the time and trouble?? I am
      wondering if there is some other avenue that we can take. I
      have an Encyclopedia Britannica article on Existentialism
      which might be a subject of discussion. Or perhaps others
      who have read more widely will be able to suggest something.
      Perhaps we could use some of the material on Chris's

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