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  • Exist List Moderator
    Apr 1, 2003
      I apologize for not have replaced the last co-moderators immediately, two
      years ago.

      There were two co-moderators, but both moved on for academic reasons.
      Long-time members will recall Yulian K and Diana A were quite helpful during
      my absence two years ago. Yulian was a great contributor and I miss his
      active membership. Diana went on with her Ph.D work, I believe, and Yulian
      was seeking an appointment to a university.

      I do not believe I owe anyone an apology for being unavailable to manage the
      list. The list is an experiment and example of community dynamics.

      The group must live or die on its own. There cannot be one dictator in
      charge of a group -- this is not a corporation or a country. This forum is
      one of the few "democratic" media left -- newsgroups and mailing lists.

      And booting someone for an hour or less is not like Stalin. Get real...
      Stalin would have banned the person -- or killed him. I merely sought to
      send a message that personal attacks are not acceptable.

      The tone of this is still quite personal and offensive, in my opinion. I'm
      just not up to being insulted over and over again.

      My only apology is to the group... I'm sorry I had an accident years ago and
      have never been the same. The cycling accident was my fault; I chose to race
      50-100 miles at a time, putting myself at risk. I made the decisions leading
      to my accident. I should have selected more moderators, I suppose?

      Then again, as Mark points out, I also think I do pretty darn well in
      - C. S. Wyatt

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      From: Mark and Bev Tindall [mailto:tindall@...]
      Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 03:02
      To: Exist List Moderator
      Subject: Re: [existlist] VOTING FOR SECONDARY MODERATOR

      Thank you for your reply.

      > You had every opportunity to ignore Eduard and others.

      You had every opportunityy to properly manage your nooist / Existentialist
      list ... but you didn't! I complained with evidence many times about Eduard
      and you did nothing. That is not good management! That is irresponsible
      management and incompetence.

      > Sue, Shari, and others would have been pleased to chat > on other topics.
      I think you will find they are more
      > responsible than most others on the list.

      I supported both Sue and Shari in their quest to be secondary Moderator. I
      did not put my name forward until they both pulled out of the race and
      Eduard was left as the sole person running for the position. I notice you
      did not appoint Eduard!

      > You did have warnings that mentioning Eduard personally > and his silly
      "noo" whatever was grounds for a warning, > then temporary kick.

      But apparently you thought is was ethical that I put up with his repeated
      lies and abuse without defending myself. That is why I repeatedly
      complained to you ... the Moderator who does nothing on his nooist /
      Existentialist list!!!

      > As for managing the bookstore -- I suppose that is a
      > sign of mismanagement.

      Your nooist / Existentialist list is sign of gross mismanagement. Your
      nooist / Existentialist / list required moderation and no-one was there to
      do it! The problems were exposed and pointed out to you and still you
      failed to act. That is incompetence!

      > I managed over 600 members on a moderated lis

      Your nooist / Existentialist list states there are over 300 members but only
      half a dozen post ... and even then it is not on topic! You did not make
      any contigency plans for your absence. I suggested the use of other
      assistant Moderators! That was my idea not yours!

      > The list ... -- it helps many of us learn. The last few
      > months, I admit have not been constructive.

      I learnt NOTHING from the your nooist / Existentialist list! ABSOLUTELY
      NOTHING!!! It was plagued by Eduard's nooism and positivist science. I
      repeated complained about the situation and you failed to act appropriately!

      > Incapable of running a list?

      You are incapable of managing your nooist / Existentialist list as was
      clearly demonstrated!!! Look at the problems caused by your lack of
      management skills and your lack of timely intervention. No contigency
      planning in case of your absence. Finally ... after a flood of complaints
      from me ... as a result of your continued inaction... you gave me a booting
      that was reminiscent of Stalin! You booted the ONLY person who was willing
      to bring your nooist / Existentialist list back to its aims ... ME! Read
      the posts!

      > Insulting my management skills was quite ignorant

      Personally insulting me on the list was both rude and ingorant. I quote:

      "And I did remove Mark because he flooded my mailbox -- which ...
      really ----ed me off big time."

      Some intelligent rational reason, eh???? Did you even bother to read my
      posts and complaints????

      I pissed you off??? (Can't you spell the Anglo-Saxon word 'pissed'??) You
      pissed me off by your mismanagement, incompetence and

      Your decision to boot me off your nooist / Existentialist list without
      proper discussion and adequate warning was both inept, lacking insight and
      idiotic. You acted on the spur of the moment, in the heat of anger and
      without proper deliberation. That is mismanagement and incompetence.

      > May you learn to not be so bitter, too.

      May you learn to manage your nooist / Existentialist list better ... if it
      survives Eduard's continued nuisance.

      One of your ex list members wrote to me ..

      "The moderators' decision to ban you displays great ignorance on his part."

      I agree! Some of your ex-members are joining my new list.

      > My web site barely hints at my works

      Your nooist / Existentialist list barely works ... as I repeatedly pointed
      out. I don't give a shit about what you've done elsewhere or in the past.
      I can also point to a long list of great achievments ... much larger than
      yours ... nationally. The topic is your nooist / Existentialist list and
      your actions in booting me from the list. Stay on topic ... unlike your
      nooist / Existentialist list!!!!

      You've spent have your reply telling me how great you are!!! (Read your
      reply again!) Your incompetence with your nooist / Existentialist list
      demonstrates the opposite!!!

      Statistics on I'm So Wonderful' by Chris:

      Paragraph 3 - 5 sentences

      Paragraph 4 - 2 sentences

      Paragraph 5 - 1 sentence

      Paragraph 6 - 2 sentences

      Paragraph 7 - 3 sentences

      Total = 11 sentences on how wonderful you are supposed to be. I piss on
      every one of them!

      > I hope you decide to remain

      Never, ever boot anyone in the manner you booted me. It's rude and shows
      your incompetence.

      Without your personal apology to me on the Existentialist list you can shove
      your nooist / Existentialist list up your arse where your head is!!!!! You
      are the lunatic running the asylum !!!!

      I hope I make myself perfectly clear, Chris.


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