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  • vanessa.vangelder@knowledgeobjects.biz
    Mar 3, 2003
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      eduard ... I think you are wrong on this. Many
      men are supporting the advancement of women. The
      world has changed, even in the past 10 years.

      Vee....yes eduard you are right there are a lot of men working towards the
      liberation of women, i think a lot actually offer more lip service to it
      than those actually doing something in my own experience but yes there are
      men working towards it....

      eduard ... I agree. But the changes in the third
      world are just taking a bit more time. There is
      movement in the Islamic countries to eliminate
      restrictions on women. Much of it for practical
      reasons, as was the case in the West.
      -------------> it's a very complex topic as i am sure you are well aware
      and even tho legistlation may be in place to protect women, but you can't
      legislate the way ppl think unfortunately

      eduard ... I dont understand what you are saying.
      Is it your opinion that "I" need therapy??

      --> eduard i think everyone could do with a bit of therapy, don't take it
      personally lol...no i am not saying that you need therapy, but i am saying
      that because men generally aren't very expressive about their inner stuff
      some night need a less subjective avenue to purge, i guess mens groups
      might do the same

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