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1520RE: [existlist] Phenomina, like a loci of points or locust of famine or plague of rat

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  • Eduard Alf
    Apr 30, 2001

      i have no idea what you are talking about ... this is pointless ...


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      Subject: [existlist] Phenomina, like a loci of points or locust of
      famine or plague of rat

      Ed Alf et gnats and beans,

      Not to point fingers, but it would seem to me that you like
      Phenomenomenominologyyy because it lets you believe
      whatever you want. It is very, very easy to say "well, it is obvious
      from my observation that the world is flat!" and, you see,
      because of a limited perspective and not much ability to
      understand, people DID believe that for quite a while -- it was
      proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that other things were true
      like that the earth was the center of the universe and relativity had
      absolutely every answer.

      A more PARTICULAR scientist -- which I hear tell you
      supposedly have a background in -- might well expect that their
      answers to not just one or two, but many OR ALL their questions
      are a bit on the wrong side, because just as you have your
      perspective that so much is OBVIOUS, it is also OBVIOUS that
      man's methodology is only as good as his current ability to
      deceive himself that he is correct -- till , of course, something
      better comes along.

      So, right now, because I am doing some quite pleasant blotter,
      and I see my tenticles wailing away at this keyboard driven by
      termites and angst (they are little angsts, mind you, much like
      snails but a little less human), I thank my god that doesn't yet
      exist (the questionaire is on the way) that i am not using paper
      because lighting up in the dark here all alone sloppy damp
      tenticles splashing with each stroke, I'd damage the paper more
      then the plastic -- and the termites need a shower anyways.
      However I fully believe I am a jelly-fish, and so i am, you say...a
      fabulous typing jelly-fish. The fabulous typing jelly-fish, who is
      about to become an exception by some Alf hocus-pocus of
      desire and disappear like all good exceptions in the Alf world,
      would like to stand an orate before he goes:

      "Today...(today)...(today) I consider myself ...(myself).....The
      luckiest jelly-fish ... (jelly-fish)...(jelly-fish) ...on the face of the
      earth ... (earth)...(earth)...(earth)."

      You have yet to pay for your god. How can we possibly progress
      without payment?


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