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14734Re: [existlist] "whomever it may concern"

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  • Mark Tindall
    Feb 15, 2003
      shari wrote:

      > I found Paul Tillich helpful.


      > Theology has to do with the survival of both the institution and the >

      A truer word has not been spoken! Hence the need for each individual to
      find their path.

      > Jean-Luc Marion adds more in this line. In 'God Without
      > Being' he takes God out of the realm of metaphysics. God no
      > longer is seen as a metaphysical "being," which is bound to
      > human limited thought. We must think of God, "outside the
      > box" of ontology, being.

      Hence Tillich's term of God as 'the ground of our being' by which I mean
      Being (with a capital B ... the same as that used by Spong).

      > He argues that any attempt to define God is to diminish God
      > and worship an idol fabricated by human thought.

      Yep! God is more than the combined human imgaination over all time and
      space can guess at.

      > God is transcendent, unreachable, unattainable,

      Yep, I think we experience but a shadow of God ... but that is still

      > as are other humans.

      I think finite people are experienced more fully than God but not

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