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1187Re: [existlist] ethics, morality, law, etc.

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  • Edward Alf
    Apr 13, 2001

      i understand what you are saying ...

      my view is that, from an existentialist position, the individual
      makes individual choices, specific to himself/herself ... what
      happens after that is another decision in relation to morals and
      ethics ... for example, if im really angry at someone, i might
      choose initially to murder him/her ... but given this choice, i
      have another to decide whether to implement it ... i may say that
      this is contrary to civilized behavior and thus will not follow
      through with the choice ... or i might say that i risk capital
      punishment and thus am risking my own existence and decide that
      the release of anger is not worth the risk ...

      the point is that the basic principle is the freedom to choose...
      regardless of what that choice may lead to ... once you add
      qualifications the freedom is limited ... that is the way in
      which i treat logic ... one step at a time ... it is like looking
      for a new car that i can use to drive to work ... i first look
      into the set of cars in general (as opposed to bicycles or boats)
      ... then i look into this set for a subset of cars that would
      provide me with basic transportation (Volkswagens versus
      cadillacs) ... my old boss used to refer to it as the salami
      principle .. one slice at a time ...


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      > eduard,
      > if i think that murder is wrong, then i am choosing not only
      for myself that
      > murder is wrong, i am choosing for all mankind that murder is
      wrong. this is
      > the case in principle. this is logic. it is another story
      whether what i
      > think gets implemented or not. any disagreement with that?
      well, that is my
      > stance.
      > james.
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