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  • Bill Harris
    Dec 5, 2002
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      Otter, Ah Hah, and thus your idea of joining Al Queda to corrupt it from within. You know it works but is a two edged sword. I just finished a tour with a group with a strict confidentuality rule. The fact I will not speak of specifics is proof of the duplicitous effects of such encounters. The members were radically different from me. I found I did not detest them personally but their ideas still are repulsive to me.
      Withdrawal of interest is a powerful action. It seems to leave feelings of guilt in the abandoned. It seems a good vehicle for forcing introspection upon idealogue dullards. Bill
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      <<I probably draw the line at greater circumference than you do,
      but then that is a matter of personal interest and risk
      assessment. >>

      I don't mean to come off as a hermit, though I expect it doesn't
      matter. I don't, however, consider myself part of 'society' except in
      those cases where I am forced to participate or sacrifice other
      interest (schooling children, taxes, etc.). I used to fight these
      things...imagine the absurdity of 'authority'? Why one can lord it
      over another makes nonsense...except in the primal notation. I
      can attend 'social' events but fear I don't see them as more than
      a gathering of chance.

      If society were to be a tasty entity, it would be one that the
      constituents entered into willfully...and positively. And while there
      are nice thoughts there, theory will fail as constituents seek
      'advantage'. Regretfully, there is no reinforcement for those who
      seek to share their help...but then there are interesting new-ish
      behaviors that suggest there may be ways to share and be
      repaid (shareware?). However, the whole concept of value turns
      to greed and melts in the spotlight as if made of wax. The society
      is purist at its beginning...yet that beginning always fades.

      My only interest in society and social threory was an idea I had
      for Destructionism...a system which continually UNBUILT itself,
      rather than forming constituencies and such...but I couldn't come
      to a mechanism that would affect the dissemblance.

      Otter Creek

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