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  • Bill Harris
    Dec 3, 2002
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      Bookdoc, I think each of us carries the greed toxin. When we band together some sort of multiplier effect comes into play. The lust to power and status obliterates the original interest, goals are lost and the struggle over the carcass ensues. It all emanates from that seminal survival instinct. It seems to permeate all cellular life forms, both flora and fauna. With enough space and opportunity we can avoid the greater part of interspecies entanglements.
      You consciously limit group activity. That is one answer that I also use. I have no social life and try to limit my group associations to strictly ruled encounters. If I agree to the rules I will stick to my bargain, I expect the same of my fellows. The law, prior agreement, is the only framework in which we can interact without chaos. Good will and morals go by the by once the greed toxin inoculates a situation.
      Survival is not fun unless you take the attitude of a scrotum dragging, I must win tyrant. I find no interest in such a life. Society is a collaboration I try to minimize my involvement with. I probably draw the line at greater circumference than you do, but then that is a matter of personal interest and risk assessment. Bill
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      When idiots have societies and groups with causes that are
      "greater than the individual" it is exactly these things that bring
      about the altercation, violence and mass destruction.

      Following my interest, I have no interest in a grouping...a bad
      one or one that might come under the guise of 'goodness' which
      one would need to define for me anyway. More dangerous than a
      single 'Duard with a loud mouth and stupid opinions are
      groups...of any sort.

      If you want to do good as a group, go find and join with Al Qaida,
      and ruin the 'purity' of their rank and file by not wanting to be part
      of the group you are in.

      Fedup Myheart

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