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    Dec 1, 2002
      Not to get off topic with the list, but Bush can't find his ass with both hands. So, with thst in mind, helping you get off of an email list is highly improbale.
      U.N. secretary council - umm, not exactly their cup o' tea either, but for different reasons.
      The Architect of the universe would probably just be upset at the imperfections she/he/it created (you not being able to get off the list without a plea for help, for example.....)
      I, being none of the above, think I can help; try sending an email to this address (see below), with your email address as the subject.


      Hope this helps.

      Please unsuscribe Kaaks31@...; a long series of attempts have proved
      Each time this request was sent to the address you mentuon, iI got it
      returned as undeliverable mail.,
      What can I do next? Call in the help of The president of the United States _
      one Mr. Bush if I am not mistaken _ the U.N.Security Council, or The Grand
      Architect of the Universe, in that order?


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