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1100Re: [existlist] Re: Human nature grown in pots and planted beside the great meat bush...

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  • Edward Alf
    Apr 8 6:12 PM
      Linda et folks,

      lets try some characteristics that might be considered as common ... im not
      saying that these are absolutely common, since there can be exceptions, but
      sufficiently common to make a case ...

      - we seek the basics of food, shelter and clothing
      - we seek order out of chaos
      - we seek love
      - we seek acceptance and self-definition
      - we seek self fulfillment

      im sure that with some time for thought, one could come up with a lot more

      birth and death are not characteristics of human nature ... they come to use
      without our seeking them ...


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      Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 8:27 AM
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      the great meat bush...

      > That would be a nice idea. The only things I can see that all humans have
      > in common are birth and death. So many permutations. I don't believe
      > there are characteristics that we all share, nor do I place any particular
      > value in such a belief. For most people, things would be more comfortable
      > if they could believe they share certain things with others. That relates
      > to expectations--would make things more predictable. But again, I see no
      > advantage in that. My experiences have shown me that having such beliefs
      > generally a letdown cuz what one expects just doesn't happen. Guess I
      > retain some of my earlier desire to live on the edge. Less so as I've
      > gotten older but must still be there. That, in addition to experience. I
      > probably sound like a cynic. I really am not one. More of a realist, a
      > delightfully happy realist.
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