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1078Re: [existlist] human nature

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  • Linda Jordan
    Apr 5, 2001
      Yes, well, Sartre is not a god. If you're a Sartre-ist--excuse the
      coining--that's fine. I choose to pick and choose who I believe and which
      parts of what they say I believe. I am familiar with his works. And
      because of him, I asked that question. I don't think Sartre would
      appreciate someone simply buying into his ideas without questioning them and
      picking and choosing those which apply. Sartre, I think it was, said
      something like it was his job in life to make people question and to make
      them miserable. (I am sure someone out there will provide the actual quote,
      if it was in fact him.) So if you're totally accepting his ideas, naughty,
      naughty. IF you are a true Sartre-ist (sorry again), you must have come to
      that same conclusion.

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      >Subject: [existlist] human nature
      >Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 01:30:45 -0000
      >according to sartre, there is no human nature: we define who we are by our
      >actions - that, is to be human, in that his so-called essence is his
      >it is not the case that we act because of some human nature, but we define
      >what is human by our actions. as such, we act not because it is good, but
      >is good because we act it.
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