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1067Re: wishing for the best

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  • Edward Alf
    Apr 5, 2001
      Linda, et al,

      wow ... lots of messages now .. will take me a while to get through them ...

      you are judging the criteria for "hope" ... yes, the criminally insane can
      wish for the best ... one could imagine Jack the Ripper wishing for a better
      victim or perhaps a sharper knife ... but that is the end result, so to
      speak, rather than the condition of hoping itself ...

      granted, old Jack is not a nice person, and im not suggesting that murder is
      something that might be acceptable ... we dont have to judge the
      predisposition of people who think differently from the rest ... it is the
      inclination which is of discussion ... to make light of it, the inclinations
      and action of Jack would not be distant from that of your local meat
      supplier ... only the subject of his attention changes ... perhaps Jack
      could be rehabilitated and his skills used to better use ... we can only
      hope .... :-))

      have fun ...


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      > Human condition to hope for the best? I think not. One could consider
      > criminally insane. One could say that these folks hope for the best I
      > suppose but what is their best--to have their crime go undetected? --to
      > for the shortest sentence? One could also consider those human beings who
      > are otherwise flawed--for instance, those who are afflicted with some kind
      > of mental retardation. Do they hope for the best? How do we know? How
      > we judge people who by predisposition think differently than the rest?
      > sure about any of this. All questions, to me at least, worthy of thought.