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  • Meghan
    Oct 3, 1999
      <<I would love to hear from the members of this e-mail group how each has
      chosen to fit God into Existentialism ... or removed him.>>

      Dr. Herbert Hochberg (under whom I studied ethics, and then later
      existentialism) once brought up the following point during a class
      discussion of Kierkegaard: the idea of God is the pinnacle of absurdity.
      So to believe in God while fully cognizant of this fact shows the utmost

      To be a devout Christian requires a leap of faith. To be a devout
      Christian as well as an existentialist -- well, that widens the chasm you
      leap. How's that?

      -Meghan (presently in the midst of Descartes and Berkley, and longing for
      my beloved Camus)

      p.s. FWIW, I'm a philosophy junior at the University of Texas at Austin,
      with a concentration in axiology and existentialism. I plan to get my
      master's in continental philosophy here as well.



      "Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself."

      -- Rita Mae Brown
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