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    your welcome. judith ... Thank you to Christa and Judith and everyone who has written to me and are praying for me. You have been awesome friends. I hope I can
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
      your welcome. judith
      Thank you to Christa and Judith and everyone who has written to me and are praying for me. You have been awesome friends. I hope I can be of help to you in some way also. Bless you all!

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      Date: Thursday, April 01, 2004 1:13 AM
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      Hi guys. Jane, please don't feel silly. We all have ups and downs and with our emotions spinning (been that "time of the month" again..for me at least) I've been a bit "flustered" as well lately.

      Hang in there and remember God's promises...somedays, when it seems that the rain just won't let up, remember it won't rain forever! The rain will always be replaced by a rainbow!

      When I was first learning about my identity in Christ...I literally used to go back and forth desiring separation, then not desiring it. What's worse is that I would constantly threaten separation to my husband. I was just so tired of the ups and downs, etc. But it passed, and all is forgiven and well now. I'm surprised he put up with me for so long...but he did and our relationship grew much stronger after I finally allowed God to win that battle for me.

      Sometimes we really do need "alone" time. Take a day off every now and then if you need to...we all need time to regroup. And don't feel guilty if you need to take a day to yourself...it is not expected of you to live up to this "perfect" idealogy of "wife." That perfect depiction doesn't even exist...it's just an imaginary illusion that we all try and hope to "live up" to. Go window-shopping, or just riding around with the windows down. And don't feel bad about it. We all need time to ourselves. You're new in your marriage and although it is what you earnestly desire and long for in your heart, it is surely a tough time that requires adjusting. I know b/c I've been there...and to top it off, you are struggling with the reminders of your past. I think you're handling this stress pretty well given the circumstances!

      I'm praying for you. Judith is an awesome prayer warrior and I know she is praying for you as well!

      Love and many prayers,

      jon & jane <jaypick2@...> wrote:
      Dear Judith,

      Yes I did. My husband and I arent separating, praise God. God has done an amazing healing in us over the last day or two. We both had deep realisations about what we were doing and our attitudes. I know I was sure wrong. I do love him very much and I want to be a good wife to him. I have just let my hurt and my frustration get in the way. I really need to die to my flesh a lot more.

      Yes, my issues are to do with fear of intimacy. I have used intimacy in all the wrong ways, in gay relationships as well as wrong ones with men. Also I was taught from a young age to fear sex.

      I know now that Jesus has exchanged my life for his. That is how His death and resurrection impact me directly.

      I was a bit silly in what I said to you the other day. Sorry if I sounded like a fool. My head was all messed up.

      Hope to hear from you.

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      Did you get my email?


      Bless you for your
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