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[ExGDBd] Re: Can i go back? yes in Jeuse Christ.

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  • John Vaughn
    Hi jonah , I was thanking you i just wondering how you doing today . also thinking if you want you can add me to your yahoo friend lest. bakerjohn1978--- In
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31 9:43 AM
      Hi jonah , I was thanking you i just wondering how you doing today .
      also thinking if you want you can add me to your yahoo friend lest. bakerjohn1978--- In exgaydiscussionboard@y..., "bakerjohn1978"
      <bakerjohn1978@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Umgr 32, My name is John, I can relate with about
      > girlfriend .I wonice had a girl in my life and I was marryed to
      > her. it did help to have woman in your life I think I didn't look
      > at men as much. After she left me . I when to all the book stores
      > and all the places to met gay people.I hope that you don't do as
      > I did .At one time most trhe people in this town thought I was
      > a strate men.But now after way I have live my life a lot of thr
      > in my town think that I'm gay.It make me sad to here the people at
      > work to talk about me liking men.I hope you or any man or woman in
      > this group well not do as I have.Today I when to book store and
      > had sex.I do went all of in the group to pray for me,that I'll not
      > do that any more. I also want you to pray that God will give me a
      > exgay Girlfriend.I fill that if I had women my it would help me.I
      > for all of you to pray that God would take the lusk out of my eyes.
      > I do look at the gays butt at work. So I thank if you go back you
      > will be happy. Don't make gay people you best friends.I know now
      > that if I would had mad Men of God my best friends .I wouldn't
      > be so sad today.I wish I could find exgay buddy here in
      > Virginia. I think If I can get this lusk out of eyes God can relly
      > use me.I'll have to leran how to be Starte man all over agin. It
      > me may year to be came a big gay hore.So it well take time to over
      > come been a gay men. Buddy do fine a Peaher to talk to,an if you
      > fine a exgay group that would be good.I like for be countbeloin
      > friend if you want to. I well tell you if I luck or have sex . I
      > you are only 18 years old. I'm 43 years old. I have twin Grils is
      > 20 years old. goodbye for now buddy and all of people in this Club.
      > John
      > --- In exgaydiscussionboard@y..., umgr32 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > i used to a have a gf that i loved very much.........she was with
      > me
      > > for 2 years...........i sorta looked at guys when we were
      > > together.........but........it wasnt like now.....i think because
      > > was being loved and i had someone.......but......can i do it
      > > again...........what if ill never like a girl again?
      > >
      > > and how come when i think about a gf or somethin like that i get
      > > realy scared and i feel weird........i dont think that should
      > > happen?.............what should i do?
      > >
      > > i dont want to be gay.......or have these feelings........they
      > > disgust me..........i pray all the time......is there another
      > > way.........can someone give me some really good
      > > advice..................
      > >
      > > and one more thing.......i notice girls......just i notice guys
      > just
      > > a little more........gay guys dont notice girls do
      > if
      > > they do what do they say.......im always like that girl is
      > > pretty.....sometimes i stare and say she is hott.........but i
      > > tell if im pretending.......like makin myself think
      > > that possible.........someone please tell me....im onoly 18 years
      > > old.......i want to do the right thing........thanx jonah here
      hone thing i would like to bring up that i have found extremely
      helpful with the lust is a covenant with my eyes. Like it ssays in
      Job 31;1 "I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look
      lustfully.." to look at a man or woman with lust is sin. I am not
      being trite If you make this committment the holy spirit will get
      busy convicting you like he did me. The main point is not to stare
      till you are chemically charged with testosteron. that first glance
      may not be sin but wisdom says watch that second glance then you
      ar making a decision.. I hope i am not sounding preachy.When i first
      started this covenant with my eyes, i blew it more often than not
      and for a while the lust seem to get worse. However, I encourage you
      at that time to stand fot what you know to be true the word of god
      and keep pressing on Over time it does get better.. i still have
      some trouble expeciall at times of stress but i am more aware and
      sensitive to the spirits leading. hope this gives you guys some food
      for thought feel free toe email me at jonah@...

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