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  • brarerabbit21
    Hey guys, I hope this lot helps. I ve actually read one or two of these books nad checked out the sites. NET SITES http://www.peoplecanchange.com/
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
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      Hey guys, I hope this lot helps. I've actually read one or two of
      these books nad checked out the sites.






      A community of men "called to reclaim the sacred masculine for our
      time, through training and action in the world."

      While this is by no means a sexual conversion program, several of us
      have found the New Warrior program to be immensely healing as we
      worked to heal our "heterophobia" -- our fear of heterosexual men and
      masculinity -- and embrace a much healthier self-image of ourselves
      as men. The New Warrior Training Adventure is designed lead men from
      all walks of life (and any sexual orientation) to greater healing,
      integrity and connection to feeling. Along with its follow-up
      weekly "integration groups," the program gave us a connection to a
      community of men -- primarily heterosexual men -- unlike anything we
      had ever experienced before.

      When a Friend Says, "I'm Gay" by Anita Worthen and Bob Davies


      Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality, by
      Richard Cohen
      Beyond Gay, by David Morrison Our Sunday Visitor Publishing,
      Huntington, IN
      My Genes Made Me Do It:A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation by
      Neil and Briar Whitehead
      Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far Dr. Charles.W Socarides
      Homosexual no more. by Dr. Bill Consiglio, Regeneration Books.
      Not Afraid to Change:The Remarkable Story of How One Man Overcame
      Homosexuality by John Paulk (with Tony Marco)
      Reaching into the closet. Black Coffee Production
      Answering the Pro-Gay Theology by Bob Davies and Lori Rentzel
      Married & Gay: Help for Spouses Struggling with Homosexuality by Bob
      Davies & Lori Rentzel
      My Child is Gay by Anita Worthen & Bob Davies
      Overcoming Pornography By Bob Davies
      Prevention of Homosexuality:Raising Healthy Children by Dr. George
      Successful Evangelism to the Gay Community by Peter Lane
      You Don't Have To Be Gay by Jeff Konrad
      Pursuing Sexual Wholeness by Andrew Comiskey
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