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RE: [ExGDBd] To Roger, regarding Garrick.

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  • Roger Stuart
    Tim, I don t know how Native Americans snuck into our plight, but the last time I checked, Ex-gays haven t been given huge portions of land to build gaming
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 2003
      Tim, I don't know how Native Americans snuck into our plight, but the
      last time I checked, Ex-gays haven't been given huge portions of land to
      build gaming casinos on. I go to a fur-era rendezvous every January
      where 1/3 of the participants are Native Americans. It kills me to see
      White Anglo Saxons running around half naked with drums, feathers, and
      hairy backs trying to convince themselves they have Cherokee roots.

      I live not far from three different Native American populations where
      they not only are tax exempt and have casinos that are as spectacular as
      Atlantic City, they have some of the best tourist traps in South
      Florida. They were never subject to slavery and prosper on their own,
      the way they want, and even sell tax exempt tobacco products. If the
      Ex-Gays had it that good, we could put a huge dent in the world-wide
      AIDS epidemic.

      Your point on Serial Killers being conservatives enforces the point I
      was making to Garrick. Though I haven't heard that before, it doesn't
      surprise me. There are some pretty whacked people (like from Waco) who
      are such right-wing zealots, they make religious conservatives look like

      As far as entertaining Angels is concerned, if they have Alcohol on
      their breath, I'm not giving them more money so they can take it to the
      Liquor store, whether they are angels or not. I prefer to donate to
      missions and food banks who are better equipped to minister to them than
      I will with a few bucks. I'll give them McDonald's gift certificates if
      they really are hungry. I have come across too many homeless people
      who would rather remain homeless than give up their alcohol or drugs.
      Giving them cash is not the responsible way of getting them the help
      they need, much less want. A drunk or strung-out homeless Angel just
      does not impress me.

      In Him!

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      Subject: [ExGDBd] To Roger, regarding Garrick.

      To Roger, regarding Garrick.

      Yes a person can be a political conservative and still be a pervert. Ted
      Bundy was a republican while he was secretly stalking, raping, and
      killing all those girls. That is why we can not recline on the platform
      of "Republican or Conservative" alone but we must act as people who are
      righteous instead. Not everything a political Conservative stands for is
      righteous. Case in point, it has been my observation that Conservatives
      for the most part will look the other way when a homeless or indigent
      person with needs walks by. They will not typically try to help them but
      rather they will scorn them with disgust. These same people will ignore
      the needs of countless thousands of Native Americans who are victims of
      Government deceptions and failed treaties.Our Government has not kept
      its treaties and the Native Americans have suffered the blunt of scorn
      and ridicule without just and due compensation. Don't these people
      realize that Angels are in fact recording a! ll these things down to be
      used against them on judgment day. Perhaps the next time you see a
      homeless person you might realize that this person might be an angel in
      disguise. Tim Way

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