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[ExGDBd] Re: congratulations

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  • Tim Way
    Hi Guys- My mistake in writing this first letter,was that I didnt mean Jacob wasnt saved, but that Laban the Syrian and Ishmaal were the two that werent saved.
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 8, 2003
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      Hi Guys-
      My mistake in writing this first letter,was that I didnt mean Jacob
      wasnt saved, but that Laban the Syrian and Ishmaal were the two that
      werent saved. Sorry if I tripped anyone by not clarifying. Tim Way

      - In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Tim Way <inotheway@y...>
      > Hi guys,
      > Excuse me for interupting but since you made your letter public, I
      thought of a time when God spoke to the unsaved in a dream to be
      warned. Remember when Jacob had left his Father-in-law Labans
      household in a hurry and took the herds and flocks with him ? Laban
      was pursuing him possibly a couple days journey behind Jacob. Laban
      wanted to kill Jacob but God warned him in a dream not to speak evil
      against Jacob and Laban feared God even though he was an idolitor.
      Laban wanted his idols back that Rachael had stolen.
      > Furthermore, later on in his journey Jacob was to meet his half
      brother Ishmaal. Ishmaal had murder in his heart towards his brother
      and in a dream God warned him not to seek revenge. Both these men
      were unsaved and God spoke words of warning and terrible dread to
      them even though they never got saved.
      > Dear siblings, I believe you both have discounted the ability of
      the soverign Lord to fully convict and bring about Godly repentance
      in the lives of this other man. Please realize your folly and
      confess your unbelief as sin. Tim Way
      > David <aurelius_dg@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Amazing Grace,
      > Thanks for yuor congratulations,and welcome to the discussion
      > board. I'm so glad that your friend has such a loving woman on
      > side,and yes, you will be able to help him,but he must also want
      > help himself.
      > Don't be too dismayed he didn't disclose his SSA for a long
      > time,belief me,broaching that topic is very difficult,especialley
      > with loved ones.
      > You say that he currentley identifies as gay, so is he actively
      > involved sexualley with other men or has he stopped? If not,does
      > want to stop the behaviour,because its crucial he wants to stop
      > his whole heart if he is to see any victory.
      > Have yuo read Rick's post 5063? It has the lesson that we need
      > do something for ourselves to enable G-d to then bless us.
      > On the same theme,in Deutron 21v10 we read "" When yuo shall
      > out to wage war against you enemy,and HaShem yuor G-d shall give
      > victory over them""
      > Who goes out? YOU DO
      > Who gives victory ? G-D DOES
      > In yuor post you said <<< I also pray daily that he will
      > come to know and accept Gd's will for his life and that he will
      > the courage to pursue it. Is there something else I'm missing
      > needs to be said or done?>>>>
      > You are alreadey doing all that you can.
      > Best Wishes, David G,London UK
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      > >
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