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Re: [ExGDBd] Re: Half Dead....but 'Home Sweet Home"! 6/30/09

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  • BridgetNight123@hotmail.com
    Wow!!!!! Tom, That is an amazing story. You have gone through alot! What blessing you survived. Makes me never want to leave the country or my room again. I
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      Wow!!!!! Tom,

      That is an amazing story. You have gone through alot! What blessing you survived. Makes me never want to leave the country or my room again. I went to the doctor yesterday and got a strong antibiodic. Doctor said I must have caught a powerful bacterial germ to have the flu and cough for over two weeks now. Thank goodness it was not the swine flu. I did take pills along for that before I left though because it was in the news so much at that time. I am getting better but feel so weak now and all I want to do is sleep. In Europe they have lots of Christian holidays which they love to enjoy as a day off work, not to celebrate the Christian holiday. When I was a missionary in Austria in 71, our church had 120 missionaries there. Now there are only 70 missionaries and they have combined Austria with Germany missions. All the people I meet did not want you taking about religion at all. They are offended by it and think it is too personal to talk about. The gays I met with also were surprised that I talked so much about homosexuality and asked them questions about it. I just told them I wanted to learn from them their beliefs rather than others. Then they were fine.

      I will write more later. Bridget


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      Welcome back, Bridget! I believe that I know a little how you feel about being back in the ol' US of A after spending significant time abroad. There's something about our country in comparison to most others, even with all the corruption and godlessness that we see and hear about, that makes it such a great place to live. I believe the "salting" affects on our culture of the gospel of Jesus Christ through numerous religious awakenings and revivals throughout the centuries is mostly responsible for this. Sorry to hear that you caught something other than just being homesick. I'm so glad that you got to go back to the land of your ancestry and early childhood. I'll be praying that you speedily recover, and for Neils.

      When I went to San Juan, PR, Maracaibo, Valencia, and Caracas Venezuela to work in a carnival circuit for six months in the fall and winter of 1979-1980, I fortunately bought 3 boxes of antidiarrhetic pills in PR called "Enterno-Vioformo", and took them daily in order to keep me from getting Montezuma's revenge in Venezuela! Everyone else got at least one bought of it, except me, and were laid up for days. But, I did suffer off & on with mild symptoms, even though I never drank the water. It must've been in the salad at the hotel and the goat I ate at the bullfight in Columbia! :-) I learned to speak Spanish like a 4 year old over the time there, and actually got to talk about Jesus often with some pretty rugged carnival worker folks, as well as some Puerto Ricans and Venezuelans. I even got to speak to a couple of Puerto Rican gay men at the hotel where I was staying about salvation in Christ in Spanish. They listened intently, but didn't
      make a decision then and there. I pray that they got saved; but who would know other than our Lord?

      In Venezuela, Chavez was just a young activist leader then, and I actually met him (or should I say I "met up" with him), because it surely wasn't a friendly encounter. He and the young socialist movement at the time had much influence over the colleges. And, at the College of Maracaibo, located across the highway from the fairgrounds, he led a possie of young socialists who stormed the grounds one night and burned down the money trailer in which I worked, and many of the ticket booths! I just got out of their way and helped to make sure all others did as well. The next day the Venezuelan army (they had no police at the time) came in and arrested all us men while we were taking down the rides. We were hauled off to jail for a total of 6 days, that seemed like weeks. We were finally released and immediately left for the next flight back to the USA when one of our bosses (later I found out he had organized crime connections in Miami) paid the mayor
      of Maracaibo a generous sum of 13 grand, a thousand for each imprisoned employee, and a debaucherous night of being "escorted" by one of the American women who worked with me! The government confiscated all of our amusement rides, worth approximately 2 million in all. But, at the time, we couldn't have cared less, just as long as we all safely got out of the country! Of course, I kissed the ground when we landed in New Orleans, and sang "God Bless America" I don't know how many times. I hadn't had processed sugar since I left, so I treated myself to a Hershey's chocolate bar. After a few bites, it felt like my esophagus and stomach were on fire for about the next 30 minutes! What does that say about how healthy consuming processed sugar is?

      Well, that's just a vignette of many of my travels, believe it or not. Thanks for sharing with us about your trip to Germany and Austria.



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      June 29-30. 2009

      "Is this Iowa or is this Heaven?" When they say 'there is no place like home,' it has even more meaning after spending 3 weeks in other countries. We are glad we took our trip to Europe. It was worth it!! But, it sure makes you appreciate the things you have in your own country and what is home to you.

      Monday, June 29, we left our hotel room at 11:00 am, gassed up the car, and found our way to the Copenhagen airport. We found the rental parking, filled out the paper work, and turned in the keys at Budget rental service desk. We made a huge point of explaining how horrible the GPS was and how it drove us crazy, hoping to get half our $200 back, but to no avail. We had 400 Krones ($80) left and that was easily taken up by lunch and some water and candy. We, as Americans may think airport food is expensive, but it looked dirt cheap to us when we got to the Chicago airport. We are scared to death to go over all our expenses when we get home and see what this trip actually cost us. Our SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) plane left Copenhagen at 3:35 pm and it felt great to be heading home. The flight back was actually alot better because we had a good nights sleep and slept in late that morning, so it was not like the red eye we had flown in on. The sun was
      shining through the plane windows and so it did not seem so dark this time. We watched movies, read, and slept. Only the last 3 hours of the flight became uncomfortable. Like my friend Niels said, "The world is not getting smaller, our butts are just keep getting bigger so we need business class size now." It felt so great to land at the Chicago airport!! We have never liked big cities much but today we actually loved Chicago! We felt like singing, "God bless America, Land that we love" and kissing the ground.

      Of course we had to go through customs, wait in lines, pick up our luggage and bring it to United baggage to put on the Moline flight. My husband had lost his boarding pass for the next flight and we ended up standing in another long line to get it. Then we had to run to the other end of the airport to catch our last flight home. We barely made it as they were already boarding. My feet were hurting and it now felt like 3 am to our bodies even though it was only 8 pm central time. I was exhausted but kept going. My meds had worn off and I was coughing so hard, had a flu like fever and my nose was all stopped up. I was truly miserable. By 8:30 pm we had landed in the Quad Cities airport and our friends, the Petersons, were there to pick us up. Our two large garment bags, and one large suitcase were missing so we had to fill out forms to get them to deliver that to our home the next day. So, I felt like hell, but we were HOME! "There's no place like home
      todo!! Actually driving up to our house and walking into our home was like heaven. It was still standing and looking peaceful. WE SURVIVED! Yeah!!! and now have all these beautiful photos and memories. We got to bed by 10 pm but I woke up at two totally plugged up and coughing so hard. I had no lemons, or garlic in the house and so I drugged myself up with the rest of Niels suggested meds I had gotten in Denmark. I had such a fever and was sweating so hard. I am going to the doctor today and finding out what the heck I caught in Europe. Lots to do to get back to normal. Collect the mail at the post office, go to the bank, pay bills, do laundry, shop, and check my emails! Normal feels nice right now.

      If anyone wants a copy of all my daily journal entries and attached photos of my trip to Europe, who I did not email, write me privately. It was an amazing trip, especially meeting with my good friend Niels, Soren, whom I wrote my book with, and my other gay friends in Copenhagen. Seeing where I served as a missionary in Austria was also very special for me. I have to thank my good husband for keeping us alive and driving all over Europe on the autobahn, and for being such a good sport with not knowing the language. I thank all those who prayed for us because there were times I wondered if we would get home alive. So, all in all, ...Life is Good!


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