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Off to Europe

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  • BridgetNight123@hotmail.com
    Dear Family and Friends. Monday, June 8, my husband and I are off to Europe. This has been a dream of mine for over 30 years. Between raising 3 children,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2009
      Dear Family and Friends.

      Monday, June 8, my husband and I are off to Europe. This has been a dream of mine for over 30 years. Between raising 3 children, putting my husband through Chiropractic College and Med School, and paying off student loans, there was never enough time or money to make this dream a reality. Three years ago, my husband found out he had prostate cancer, and also had to have some stents for his heart put in. That was a huge wake up call and he decided he had to get the sailboat he had always dreamed of as a young boy. Even though this put a financial strain on us, it was very important to him. Well, I wanted my dream too and with a good tax return this year, it is finally possible. I am thankful we are able to make this trip before our bodies totally fall apart. My husband and I have both had some serious health problems the past 5 years and the stresses of life have taken their toll. Nevertheless, it's actually happening and I am thrilled. Most of us are not able to see the fulfillment of all our dreams in this life, but it is a joy when some come to fruition. When you get to a certain age (and you never know when that age will be), but it is usually when you start having serious health issues, and you feel like your time is running out. You think about what you still want to accomplish in the time you have left on earth and what you have done with your life.

      So, I thought I might share with you why and how this trip came to be a dream of mine. I was born in Berlin, Germany and my family immigrated to America when I was 4 years old. I don't remember much of Germany, but I have a few photos of myself there. We spoke German growing up, but I soon became very American. When I was 11, my parents became US citizens, and we were proud to be Americans. My family loved this country as they had suffered unspeakable times in WWII Germany under the Hitler regime. America represented a fresh start, with freedoms and opportunities. I was born after the war, but most of my bed time stories were tales from my dad about how God guided his life through the war and how he gained a testimony of Jesus Christ. I took four years of high school German, and one semester at BYU. At 21, I served a two year mission for my church in Austria. That forced me to learn the German language even more and was a great opportunity to learn how to serve others and do a lot of growing up. I came to love the Austrian people, their food and their culture. Unfortunately, I had some serious health problems during and after my mission, so I was not able to travel much. I had so wanted to tour Germany and other parts of Europe after my mission, but that was not to be. I think it is natural to want to experience and know of ones heritage because it helps you understand yourself and family better. I think we are always trying to understand where our strengths and weaknesses comes from and how to deal with them. Even though I am very American in many ways, I also see so much of my German heritage in me. I can be outspoken (some of you may have noticed that ;-) ) and direct. I have had to learn to be more diplomatic and tactful over the years. I am proud of my heritage and the strengths they have given me to cope with the many trials of my life.

      Never, in a million years, would I have thought that having a son with a same-sex attraction, would have changed my life so dramatically. What I believed to be a bad nightmare, has come to be a great blessing in my life. Because of Johnathan, I came to connect with a pro-gay Danish youth named Soren Jensen. For two years we wrote hundred of letters to each other and spoke on Instant messenger. This experience produced a book I wrote called "Prayers for Johnathan." Because of this book, I not only learned so much about this issue of homosexuality, but have made some of the dearest friendships. A Danish doctor, who read my book, and it changed his life, became a dear friend to me and my family. His name is Niels Plougmann and he has come to visit me and my family at Christmas several times now. He and Johnathan have become good friends and he has been a blessing to me and our family. Next week I will be meeting Soren Jensen and his partner for the first time in person. I will be meeting his ex-boyfriend and his partner as well. They will be taking us out to Dinner in Copenhagen. What a reunion that will be. I will be spending one of my three weeks, with my dear friend Niels in his city, Aarhus, Denmark. Interestingly enough, my husband has a research scientist friend he has worked on projects with, who lives and works at the University there. Below, is where I will be in the next 3 weeks. My husband is bringing his laptop and I will check regularly my emails and occasionally fill you in on my trip. I would appreciate your prayers for my adventures in Europe. Pray for our health and protection while driving through these beautiful countries where I hear people drive like maniacs . Pray that wonderful experiences and good connections will be made. God does work in mysterious ways. Ways, I certainly would have never dreamed of, but God knows how to best make us grow.

      Love from Bridget


      Date Location
      9-Jun-09 Copenhagen DK
      10-Jun-09 Copenhagen DK
      11-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      12-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      13-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      14-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      15-Jun-09 Berlin, Germany
      16-Jun-09 Berlin, Germany
      17-Jun-09 Innsbruck, Austria
      18-Jun-09 Innsbruck, Austria
      19-Jun-09 Innsbruck, Austria
      20-Jun-09 Salzburg, Austria
      21-Jun-09 Salzburg, Austria
      22-Jun-09 Kaals, Germany
      23-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      24-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      25-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      26-Jun-09 Aarhus DK
      27-Jun-09 Copenhagen DK
      28-Jun-09 Copenhagen DK
      29-Jun-09 Copenhagen DK

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