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A Brain Gone Wrong-New book out on how addictions can negatively impact the brain and how to reverse it.

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  • Bridget Night
    Click to enlarge Price: $14.50 Quantity: Quantities of 10 books or more receive a 20% discount A Brain Gone Wrong by W. Dean Belnap We live in a time of
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      Price: $14.50
      Quantities of 10 books or more
      receive a 20% discount

      A Brain Gone Wrong
      by W. Dean Belnap

      "We live in a time of overwhelming hedonism. The rampant adulation of
      carnal appetites and passions is an enormous challenge for teenagers and
      their parents. Dr. Dean Belnap’s book provides the scientific
      understanding of why our youth must protect their minds and their bodies
      from the venomous addictions of drugs and pornography. This book needs to
      be studied and adopted into the behavior of every family if they hope to
      avoid the tragedies that Dr. Belnap and his colleagues see in the lives of
      those who come to them for hope and healing."

      John L. Harmer ~ Chairman, The Lighted Candle Society

      The 21st century faces a war with no name and no marked battleground. The
      casualties are legion; they are our youth. They come from every address
      and ability and are being squandered in what was once considered the
      lifestyle of only a sullied few. Parents today worry about children caught
      up in pornography, drugs, eating disorders and much more and wring their
      hands at their precious teens who are bent on self-destructive paths. What
      is happening is that the youth’s tender—and still learning—brain is caught
      up in a downward spiral and is actually rewired.

      In A Brain Gone Wrong, you’ll discover how addiction can negatively
      imprint and impair pure functions of the prefrontal cortex of the brain.
      But more importantly, you’ll learn how the brain can be rewired and how
      the God-given gift of a brain that can think and reason and make sound
      judgments can be restored. With spiritual help and recognition of moral
      absolutes, imprinting can be reversed, but it takes adherence to the laws
      of God and the healing power of his love.

      That perfect love of the Savior can reshape the soul and its thinking.
      Just as he helped the blind to see, the lame to walk and the leper to be
      cleansed, he can remake a “brain gone wrong” and bring about a “mighty
      change” that will reverse negative imprinting and encourage love,
      acceptance, humility and tranquility.


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