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The Transsexual Lie

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  • Laura
    by Jerry Leach (Former Transexual) I had tried repeatedly from the earliest memories of my childhood to understand the innate compulsive drive to recreate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2007
      by Jerry Leach (Former Transexual)

      I had tried repeatedly from the earliest memories of my childhood to
      understand the innate compulsive drive to recreate myself as a
      daughter of my mother. It is nearly impossible to make a clean break
      from transsexual fantasies and a false identity; but it is possible
      with much care and assistance of those who can come alongside in a
      supportive role. Even then, it is an uphill climb all the way to
      lasting freedom. The person who identifies their inner persona as a
      member of the opposite gender/sex will at some point, by the
      admixture of ones own confused heart and soul, as well as the self-
      focused politicized view found in the therapists domain, to consider
      entering into supportive therapy that validates their condition as a
      true transsexual, deserving of full recognition and physical
      alterations through corrective surgical intervention.

      I am very content living as a man now. That reality has come ever-so-
      painfully and slowly and certainly not without the loving care of
      those who loved me and wanted to see me embrace the man God made me
      to be; not just to ease their pain, but most importantly to empower
      and enable me to take a stand against the negative and destructive
      self views I had acquired throughout my life.

      I will attempt to make it very clear that no matter what extent of
      self-delusion may be present, and no matter how extensive ones
      anatomical structure may be altered thorough chemical and invasive
      surgical arrangements, the one fact remains: A man cannot become a
      woman; a woman cannot become a man. Yes! Body parts can be magically
      reconstructed to assume the look, but will never be the real-thing.

      Those men who make the choices to change their appearance from that
      of a male to a fantasy-female will inevitably grieve their loss and
      always know they have done a terrible wrong, though their faulty
      thinking will momentarily trick them into accepting terrible
      delusions; delusions which will never be able to truly produce what
      is promised so vociferously by the gender specialists, who apply
      their deceived psychotherapeutic and physical restructuring and
      removal of what is otherwise perfectly sound & healthy flesh; not by
      the solutions found in sound psychiatry, but by the application of a
      surgical removal of viable and healthy flesh. I call it the frontal
      lobotomy of the 21st century. One day the world system will tire of
      this attempt to play God, or become sculptors or re-designers, using
      their talented art of plastic surgery; and they will then admit they
      have done their patients a horrid wrong by removing their perfectly
      sound human tissue and reconstructing it to fit their notions and
      ideas of what makes a male a male and a female a female.

      Ive have had the awe-inspiring privilege of working with over 1700
      transsexuals since 1989 and have witnessed their ongoing deep
      misery, even following SRS, which doctors quickly attribute to grief
      and depression. I ask the question, Why such a paradox among the
      post-operative transsexuals? They should be among the happiest and
      emotionally pleased specimens on the planet, not the most depressed
      and upset about their outcome. Check it out for yourself: post-
      operative transsexuals are all-too-typically on a lengthy drug-list
      just to keep them afloat. Something is wrong with that picture.

      We transsexuals are merely trying to solve our emotional problems
      through the modern technology of the surgeons well-practiced art;
      but in the end, when it should be all now settled; there is still
      inside the radical mood changes and unending vacillation;
      accompanied by unexplainable bouts with emotional unrest and
      excruciating soul- pain. Why?

      It is my hope that you will see within the content of this website a
      solution to the bewildering condition called transsexuality. If you
      would care to write us, please do so. Its always great to hear from
      others who are on their journey of becoming whole. My appeal is that
      in the hearing of an alternative, you will no longer believe the
      lies and stop filling physicians bank accounts with your hard-earned
      money. There is hope for you to be counted among those who overcome
      otherwise unbeatable odds. Best to you, my friend.

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