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Re: [ExGDBd] Question for All Members

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  • nfttm
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    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 4, 2007
      --- ctickle777 <ctickle777@...> wrote:

      > Hey Guys! I know I have posted similar questions
      > before, but what I
      > am wondering is this:
      > What five books/articles/journal resources do you
      > (personally)
      > believe are the most informative and helpful books
      > regarding
      > spiritual transformation or leaving the ex-gay
      > lifestyle? (Apart
      > from the Bible).
      > I am trying to read more as I am preparing to share
      > some info. with
      > a really good friend of mine who is in the gay
      > lifestyle. So,
      > regardless your gender or ethnicity, please share
      > your top five
      > favorite and most personally valuable resources with
      > the loop, and
      > share briefly why they impacted your life. If a
      > research article was
      > invaluable to you, share it as well. My question
      > isn't limited to
      > books, interviews, or journal articles: if someone
      > approached you
      > and shared a personal testimony, include that
      > experience as well.
      > I'm sure sharing this information with one another
      > will be of great
      > benefit to others within the forum as well.
      > Thanks so much!!
      > -Christa

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