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  • Skipper
    Hello Matt I was delighted to read your E-mail on my laptop computer and I liked your choice of Psalm 107:20 as your theme verse. I am Skipper@Hazleton.net.Let
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      Hello Matt I was delighted to read your E-mail on my laptop computer and I
      liked your choice of Psalm 107:20 as your theme verse. I am
      Skipper@... both continue to pray for those lost by Aids and
      many persons suffering from sexual,emotional and spiritual problems.God
      bless! Frank
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      Subject: [ExGDBd] New Member Intro

      > Hello,
      > My name is Matt. I just want to say, hello, and quickly introduce
      > myself.
      > I believe I was living in Las Vegas, the year, that Exodus had
      > their first conference. I wanted to go, but was told it was a closed
      > conference for ministry leaders only. About a year or two later, I
      > met, Andy Comiskey, Jonathan Hunter, Joe Dallas, and Sy Rogers, at a
      > conference sponsored by Desert Stream. I had moved to San Diego,
      > where there was a new support group for men. During those years, I
      > saw a lot of men in leadership positions, relaspe back into sexual
      > immorality. One or more of them, died from AIDS complications.
      > I would later go on to take training through a program called,
      > Homosexuals Anonymous, or HA, by a man, known as Colin Cook. That HA
      > model was adapted to several support groups, I was part of, until the
      > founder and leader, admitted he had relasped.
      > I would later go on to take Living Waters training, and teach that
      > for several years, including the "abridged" version.
      > In early 2002, I joined a ex-gay ministry, affliliated with
      > Exodus. I resigned due to personal differences in ministry
      > philosophy. I broke off, to join another church, who was using LW,
      > as a support-based program in their church.
      > I have taken a break from SSA issues. Part of it was because of
      > the depth. Due to my own background in Psychology, as well as
      > restorative justice, I was asked to work with integrating sexual
      > offenders, in the sexual brokenness coomponent. We were getting a
      > number of offenders, coming to us, because they had no other place to
      > go. One can only do such work for a period of time, before they need
      > to take a break. That was true,after ministering to those with
      > HIV/AIDs, between 1986-1992.
      > While I have a graduate degree in Psychology, I consider myself to
      > be more of a biblically-based counselor. The Word of God, has power,
      > and my testimony is summed up in Psalms 107:20.
      > Anyway, hello to everyone.
      > Matt
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