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Re: [ExGDBd] NFL's Simmons Speaks of Former Gay Lifestyle

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  • nfttm
    WOW - awesome story - thank you! ... http://www.cbn.com/700club/features/sports_roy_simmons.aspx ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2007
      WOW - awesome story - thank you!

      --- Laura <exgaydates@...> wrote:

      > CBN.com – Roy Simmons is one of only three NFL
      > players to publicly
      > discuss being homosexual. All three chose to speak
      > of their sexual
      > orientation after retirement from the league. But
      > there is another
      > side to Roy's story that hasn't been told, at least
      > not until now.
      > In 1992, on The Phil Donahue Show, Roy Simmons had a
      > major
      > announcement.
      > "He comes here today" Donahue told the television
      > audience, "to tell
      > you that he is now and always has been gay."
      > "I don't think we knew the repercussions that were
      > going to come
      > after that," Simmons explains. "My friends were in
      > shock – 'Roy, you
      > must have gone out and just gotten toasted and you
      > got a major
      > hangover.' "
      > This was not just any man revealing sexual secrets
      > on national
      > television. Roy had been the epitome of a macho,
      > 290-pound offensive
      > lineman in the NFL whose career ended much too
      > early. He had a
      > bright future from the start, signing a commitment
      > to play with
      > Georgia Tech. He boasted the ideal physique for
      > football – big and
      > strong, lots of speed. He was drafted by the New
      > York Giants in
      > 1979. But off the field, he had a secret: he was
      > having sex with
      > men. It was a well-kept secret, but ultimately the
      > double life
      > affected his on-field performance. The Giants got
      > rid of Simmons.
      > "I was in shock," Simmons admits. "It really hurt me
      > that I was
      > released. It really, really did."
      > Roy caught a break. The Washington Redskins took a
      > chance on him,
      > and that same year the Skins made it to the Super
      > Bowl… but lost to
      > the Raiders by nearly 30 points. That didn't matter
      > much to Roy. He
      > had other things to worry about. Among the special
      > guests Roy had
      > brought with him to the Super Bowl were multiple
      > lovers, two females
      > and one male.
      > By this point, Roy was drinking heavily and snorting
      > cocaine. But he
      > didn't last long with the Redskins; they didn't want
      > him either.
      > Most of Roy's wounds were self-inflicted, except for
      > one. As a
      > little boy, Roy did odd jobs around town. A woman
      > asked him to clean
      > her house. While she was out, her husband stayed
      > behind at home and
      > sought out Roy's company.
      > "He had some cocktails; he had been drinking,"
      > Simmons
      > recalls. "Eventually, he called me into the room,
      > and he turned me
      > around and basically he did what he wanted to."
      > That was the first big secret in Roy's life, and it
      > had a profound
      > impact. After the Redskins dumped him, Roy's NFL
      > career was over. He
      > had a quick stint in the second-tier USFL, but he
      > became a broke,
      > washed-up athlete with a drug addiction and a secret
      > sex life. In
      > 1990, he headed out West.
      > "I had heard about San Francisco, the gay life. It's
      > the gay
      > capitol. It was kind of crazy, but it was like,
      > well, since you're
      > in it, go all the way," Simmons reasoned.
      > That he did. He drank and did drugs. Some nights he
      > even slept on
      > the street. Worst of all, Roy actually prostituted
      > himself to fund
      > his drug habit.
      > "[That was] something I thought I'd never do,"
      > Simmons says. "I
      > always said there were things I'd never do, and I
      > kind of caught
      > myself with that. I shoplifted and I prostituted,
      > basically. I think
      > that through the years there was a lot of confusion
      > brought about in
      > my life due to the rape. It led me in areas where I
      > cared not to go,
      > but I went there."
      > Roy believed God wouldn't accept him as he was.
      > "When you're out in sin," Simmons explains, "you
      > really feel like
      > you cut yourself off. You're ashamed that 'oh, look
      > what I'm doing.
      > I can't go to Him like this. I can't go to God in
      > prayer.' "
      > He surfaced briefly, making his appearance on
      > Donahue. A few years
      > later, a doctor gave Roy a grim diagnosis.
      > "He called me in, and he gave me the results," he
      > remembers. "My
      > knees buckled. He told me that my tests came back
      > positive. I guess
      > the initial thought was I'm going to die. I've known
      > people, some of
      > them a month, and then they're gone."
      > Upon learning that he was HIV positive, Roy felt
      > hopeless, like he
      > was just waiting around to die. That's when he made
      > a desperate call
      > to best friend Jimmy Hester and decided to move to
      > Martha's
      > Vineyard. There a remarkable physical and spiritual
      > cleansing took
      > place.
      > Jimmy Hester is also HIV positive. He went to the
      > Martha's Vineyard
      > Holistic Retreat because of his HIV. He has made
      > great strides with
      > his physical health, but he also found something he
      > never expected –
      > a relationship with Jesus Christ. That relationship
      > started soon
      > after a Bible study invitation by his doctor, Roni
      > Deluz.
      > Now Roy is also meeting with Dr. Deluz, and he's
      > feeling great. He
      > was recently baptized.
      > Roy's pastor, Marcia Buckley, who quickly notes
      > Roy's hunger for
      > God, says, "One thing that he appreciates is the
      > fact that he's
      > alive in the Lord and that God has given him a
      > chance to live."
      > Roy has learned much from his pastor about his
      > former lifestyle.
      > "We spoke on and learned about homosexuality and the
      > connotations
      > and everything that go along with it. It's really
      > against God's
      > will," Roy states.
      > Roy devotes himself to the Lord and to purity. He
      > has not been
      > sexually active in more than three years.
      > "All that lying and cheating and all that backbiting
      > and all that
      > deceitfulness – I don't practice that," he says
      > bluntly.
      > Roy is eager to study the Word of God and to grow
      > closer to the Lord.
      > "Thank God for Jesus, for Him dying for my sins. On
      > a daily basis, I
      > can go to Him in prayer and just put it out there
      > and be honest
      > about it," says Simmons. "Coming into the fold,
      > coming into the
      > knowledge of God, just how wonderful and great He is
      > and powerful,
      > and feeling the love of Jesus – it's a beautiful
      > feeling."

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