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Science told: hands off gay sheep - Sunday Times - Times Online

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  • Bridget Night
    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-2524408,00.html [Non-text portions of this message
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    • John
      This is REALLLLLY jumping off the cliff, scientifically. There are many factors that can and do lead to same sex attractions in human beings, and the study
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 31, 2006
        This is REALLLLLY jumping off the cliff, scientifically.

        There are many factors that can and do lead to same sex attractions in human beings, and the study shown here is in animals and I rather doubt the authors had ANY idea that their work would lead to ANY comparison to humans, at least in the way and degree it is being picked up by the gay movement.

        First: The primary motive in male animals (unless the gay movement wants to adopt, as a reasoning, that the behavior in male humans is directly related to this same dominance behavior.....not a smart, or supportable idea) being hierarchy dominance displays and actions. To extrapolate this behavior to humans is bordering on the absurd, except possibly with neanderthal like humans in prison settings.

        Second: Pouring large amounts of hormones directly into the brains of the subject animals is BOUND to have a response of some sort. Is the response actually turning an animal away from having a predisposition to mount other males, or is the hormone application merely overriding the proclivity to be more aggressive towards other males? Is the animal using the repetitive mounting display as a way of demonstrating a faulty wiring problem that is allowing the natural tendency to fight for dominance override the desire to pass along ones genes?

        Third: Using the word "gay" to describe an animal is the height of stupidity. You are assigning a label to something that can be complex in origins in humans directly with a known animal behavior that is well understood (dominance and hierarchy actions). Mixing the two terms between humans who have a much more complex set of thought (and the motives and causes underlying the thoughts and behaviors) patterns and the basal actions of animals quite frankly is demeaning to people with same sex attractions. I guess you can say that the radicals in the movement have "asked for it" so to speak when trying to use poorly controled animal studies to bolster their ideas of homosexuality having a direct genetic component.

        Fourth: While I have not seen one single study to date (that can be called a properly controlled scientific study) that lends any credence to the concept of a direct genetic link one can see how it may be possible that some (indirect) underlying characteristics could INFLUENCE a greater likelihood of being influenced by other, environmental inputs that could lead an individual to develop same sex attractions, such as having a more introspective nature for instance. This does NOT however turn what is clearly a maladaptive behavior into something that one can deem to be normal (not my favorite word and I am using it in he strictly scientific sense in that it violates the natural design of the individual) in nature. It does however give us some insight into types of individuals that may be more inclined to take a wrong turn, behaviorally, due to, say, having a more introspective nature.

        Whenever one sees these studies with animals one needs to step back, take a deep breath and take a close look at the study, what it's objectives are, what the controls are that are in place to be certain that other (many times unanticipated) events/inputs are not giving the responses being seen. In all the studies that the gay movement has trumpeted so far there have either been poor/sloppy (and/or) non existence controls or the authors of the studies (as has happened countless times) have actually hunted for subjects that "fit" their assumptions and results they wanted, instead of actually using randomized sampling.

        So we have here what appears to be another farcical episode where a study that was being conducted to merely increase breeding proficiency among animals that don't have higher thought processes being directly equated to human beings.

        The people in the gay movement are so paranoid about ANY research (suppose it is because they KNOW their concept of a direct and immutable link is unsupportable, scientifically?) that does not promote their ideas, that they go off the deep end whenever something of this sort pops up that they don't want to see? Now if the research had, on the other hand, even remotely bolstered any of their positions you KNOW how they would treat it (no matter how faulty THE CONTROLS had been)....yep...they would be trumpeting it from the rooftops, regardless of it's being poor science.

        Don't hold your breathe your not going to see a "patch" to wipe out same sex attractions in the drug store next week.....or the week after that....in humans it's a little bit more complex.


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