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Re: [ExGDBd] Re: Let's Be Honest -- Homophobia, etc.

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  • John
    You are (as they say) right on the money ....a person using this term..99.9987678% of the time is merely trying to use language to cause you to be defensive
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      You are (as they say) "right on the money"....a person using this term..99.9987678% of the time is merely trying to use language to cause you to be defensive (absent their being able to defend their position)..this is a typical ploy of, well when I use the word "liberal" people get upset, so let's just call them "non-thinkers"...

      As to the "homo" whatever adjective..it is somewhat natural for persons who are not affected by it to be repulsed or taken aback by it.....talking about it is one thing..when most people actually "see" the same sex showing affection in a sexual way there is a natural reaction can take one of a several routes from simple repulsion to one that can be harmful to others (which is NEVER acceptable)....I have seen this happen on all levels.

      Your "phobia's" are in essence the normative.....the great challenge with the activists in this realm (and others for that matter, where one is trying to inculcate into the population something which can't be supported in science or fact) is to try to paint what is normal to be abnormal or "discriminatory", or some other word they wish to use outside it's context in order to stir emotions on their side and make the normal person appear to be the one carrying the ill will, when it is usually them that is full of venom towards anyone who does not think as they do.....small minds, etc. atually they are the biggest biggots I have ever encountered (these sorts of "activists"..not just the pro gay ones.....ones in a lot of others fields too) in other fields who fail to think and cannot tell the difference between reality and rhetoric, a disease in and of itself and probably more damaging to an individual than anything I can think of as it precludes the ability to fathom the
      world around them, or themselves in any meaningful way.

      With undestanding comes the ability to seperate what would be the natural reaction and apply compassion instead...something we need to have for everyone for none of us is perfect by a long shot...we all have warts, just different ones.


      woodywalker2000 <woodywalker2000@...> wrote:
      Thomas, Thanks for educating me. I'm sorting through this, and you
      have been very helpful. I do not have SSA, but I'm trying to

      I had a spiritual issue with the Lord's claim that His grace is
      sufficient for all people. Has it been enough for people with SSA?
      Yes, it has. Thanks be to Him.

      I still have some things I'm sorting through. As a married person, I
      feel resentment towards those that want same-sex marriage. I've always
      felt marriage is honorable, and the bible teaches this. With same sex
      marriage I can no longer say it is honorable.

      I ask myself why are they doing this? Can't they just live together,
      and leave marriage out of it? I feel like the honor is being robbed
      from the institution of marriage, and it is being polluted. I can't
      help feeling this way.

      I have a similar feeling when two people of the opposite sex live
      together for a number of years and now they call it a "common law"
      marriage, as though it is now honorable. They never got married, but
      that's what it is called, and it is not honorable, it's just a
      longterm "live-together" relationship.

      Maybe I'm too old fashioned, maybe I need to change my outlook. Maybe,
      I'm hung up on respect. On the other-hand I am tired of all the
      euphemisms. The entire english language no longer makes sense:

      Are people that are "gay" really "happier" than everyone else? If they
      are more "gay" are they more "happy"?

      Another thing: What in the heck is a homophobe? This is about the most
      confusing word in the english language. As a christian that believes
      the bible, and believes homosexuality is a sin, I am automatically
      labeled a "homophobe."

      "Phobia" means irrational fear of something. I don't understand how a
      moral code based on the bible means I am irrational. Under this same
      taxonomy I'm also Liarphobic, Cursingphobic, murderphobic,
      fornicationphobic, Theftphobic, witchcraftphobic, etc, etc, etc. In
      other words if I disapprove of the devil then that means I'm afraid of
      him. I couldn't disagree more, and I refuse to give him power that he
      does not have.

      So why the choice of words "homophobe?" When someone uses this label I
      can only conclude there is no desire for any kind of a dialogue,
      because first of all I don't agree with their assessment of me, and
      secondly I don't understand what they really mean when they say it.

      Correct me if I'm wrong in my assessment: When someone that is pro-gay
      labels somebody else as a "homophobe" what they actually mean is they
      really don't care what that person thinks or feels -- as far as they
      are concerned a "homophobe" is dead. There is no longer any purpose in
      a dialogue, and this is because of their own personal prejudice.

      If someone calls me a homophobe, then I should just stop talking to

      It sounds like people that say the word "homophobic" are telling us
      they can't have a rational discussion period.

      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Morey
      <moreytom@...> wrote:
      > Amen! I'm so glad that we are being helpful.

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    • Bridget Night
      Woody, good questions you ask and Henry, I respect you more than you know. Bridget www.1stbooks.com/bookview/12053 ...
      Message 52 of 52 , Aug 9 11:55 AM
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        Woody, good questions you ask and Henry, I respect you more than you know. Bridget
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        Henry, I am so happy for you and that you can experience this kind of contentment. I also agree with you that it doesn't matter if we are attracted to the masses - all God intended is for one man and one woman to love and compliment each for His glory.

        Henry B <borych2003@...<mailto:borych2003@...>> wrote: Woody,

        You post brings up numerous questions.

        Am I happy since I decided to leave homosexuality?
        Yes, a thousand times YES! God gives us joy unspeakable every time we
        make a move towards Him and turn from sin. The JOY of the Lord is
        our strength in times of weakness and temptation.

        Have I "become hetersexual"? Well that depends on your definitions.
        No I have not exchanged heterosexual lust for homosexual lust. God
        does not exchange one sin for another. As I have CHOSEN to draw near
        to God He has given me the strength to flee temptation. My level of
        attraction to men has decreased significantly. Also my level of
        attraction to the opposite has increased somewhat. One thing that
        needs to be mentioned is that many "ex-gays" that go on to marry have
        an attraction to their spouse. That is all that is needed. God never
        intended for men to lust after every woman that passes in front of
        them. His intention was for one man to be attracted to one woman. If
        I get married some day then great, hoever I am at peace that I might
        be celibate for the rest of my life.

        God also didn't intend woman to be a sexual release for man or as you
        put it a "positive outlet" for sex. We have to deal with it the same
        way any single Christian adult or teenager for that matter deals with
        it. Abstinance! Look at all the singles, the widowers/widows, the
        divorced, or even the married who have spouses with medical conditions
        that do not allow them to function sexually. They all have to choose
        to keep sexually pure. If you believe the Bible then God only allows
        sex within the context of marriage. Unfortunately today's culture
        completely ignore God and His Word.

        RE: "...only about 23% to 27% of the people..."
        I don't know what the actual statistics are. However I know probably
        at least a dozen men and women personally that no longer have any
        sexual attraction for the same sex. Most have have several children
        and have attraction for their spouse. The reason for these stats can
        be due to numerous factors. One may be the intensity with which people
        pursue God. Change is a by-product. God doesn't command us to seek
        change but to seek Him and an intimate relationship with Him.
        Some also attempt to change, but find it too difficult and go back
        to their old ways.

        Have you also considered the parable of the sower (Matt 13)?
        The Word of God is sown on different types of soil. Do all make it
        and become fruitful? NO!

        One final word. The opposite of homosexuality is NOT heterosexuality.
        It is holiness. That is/should be the goal for our lives, whether
        we experience complete change or none. I Cor 6:9-11 shows that there
        were former homosexuals in their congregation. If is was possible
        back then, then why not now?



        --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com<mailto:exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com>, "woodywalker2000"
        <woodywalker2000@...> wrote:
        > To all by brothers and sisters in Christ,
        > I am on this forum, not because I'm ex-gay, but because I genuinely
        > want to understand and be as helpful as I can to others. I just want
        > to be plainly as honest as I can be.
        > I believe God provides for everyone in the struggles we all make
        > through life. As I look at the situation for some of those with SSA
        > I am saddened, but I am not here to be depressed about it, rather to
        > be encouraging. I am here to say, in my experience, as Paul said, I
        > am strongest when I am weakest, because then I must rely on the Lord
        > and not myself, and His strength makes the difference for me.
        > My self-worth is magnified in Christ and diminished without Him.
        > I have a few questions for all of you. According to some of the
        > studies I've read, only about 23% to 27% of the people with SSA are
        > able to make a total transformation to opposite sexual attraction
        > without any same sex fantasies.
        > Has anyone here been able to make this kind of a change? I'm not
        > looking for a "sunday school" answer, just perfect honesty.
        > Secondly, for those that have not been able to make the
        > transformation, how is the Lord providing for you in your weakness?
        > Are you happy? Do you feel depressed about it? What can I do to
        > help? What can others do to help?
        > Sincerely yours in Christ

        Stay in the know. Pulse on the new Yahoo.com. Check it out.

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