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Re: [ExGDBd] The Holy Spirit Is Your Helper

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  • ctickle777
    Rich, I enjoyed reading what you wrote regarding the Holy Spirit. I would like to comment on Corinna s remark. I think the Holy Spirit is much of a mystery to
    Message 1 of 4 , May 3, 2006
      Rich, I enjoyed reading what you wrote regarding the Holy Spirit. I
      would like to comment on Corinna's remark.

      I think the Holy Spirit is much of a mystery to most Christians, as it
      is difficult to comprehend God as consisting of three distinct, yet
      related, persons. Different religions believe different things about
      the Trinity, or triune God-head. I believe that the Bible is very
      clear and consise in its account of the Holy Spirit.

      Here is how I interpret the Scriptures. It goes back to Adam and Eve,
      really. They were created with the very life of God living inside
      them, and they were able to walk, talk, and engage with a holy God;
      therefore, they were perfect at the point of their creation, and
      created to live forever in His presence. Despite God's firm warning to
      not eat of the fruit of one forbidden tree in the Garden, Adam and Eve
      then chose to believe the lies that Satan (the serpant) told them, and
      as everyone knows, they ate.

      When Adam and Eve took that first disobedient, self-centered bite,
      they committed what many Christians refer to as the "original sin."
      When they took that bite, Adam and Eve became slaves to Satan (also
      known as sin. Satan is personified througout the Bible as sin). Romans
      6:17. They were not only kicked out of the presence of God, never to
      return to the Garden again, but also aware of their sin. With that sin
      came their death. They didn't drop to the ground and die on the spot,
      but they did die spiritually at the very moment they took the first
      bite and sinned for the very first time. Because God is perfectly holy
      and righteous, and Adam and Eve were then sinful & dead in spirit,
      they were no longer able to exist in God's presence. This is when man
      and God were first separated by sin (Satan).

      So, how does the Holy Spirit come into the picture? Just as you and I
      inherit our physical characteristics from our parents (eye color,
      complexion, hair color, etc.) Every human ever created inherits
      spiritual characteristics from his/her spiritual ancestors (Adam and
      Eve). This, according to Scripture, is why we are all born dead in
      spirit, on our way to hell. This is why Jesus Christ came and died in
      our place. Christ is the ONLY way to eternal life in the presence of
      Almighty God.

      Our punishment, due to our inherited spiritual nature, is death. (Our
      spiritual flesh, our very nature, is to sin when we are born, that is
      why we have to teach our children right from wrong…it isn't instilled
      in them at birth). The truth is, we are born dead in our
      transgressions. We don't become dead when we sin for the first time,
      we are essentially born spiritually dead. And, as were Adam and Eve, a
      spiritually dead person who is by his/her very nature sinful, cannot
      co-exist with a holy God. So, Jesus Christ came to earth, died in our
      place because being God, He was sinless. He paid the price for
      everyone, one time, by sacrificing Himself so that we might receive Him.

      When a person believes and confesses that he or she is a sinner,
      believes that Christ died for him/her, and accepts what Christ has
      done by faith, that person, according to God's Word, is made totally
      new. That person is transferred out of the lineage of Adam (and
      Satan), and adopted into God's family (Ephesians 1:5). The person has
      been totally justified (made righteous) not by what he/she has done,
      but because of what Christ has done FOR him or her. That person is
      then joint-heir with Christ. That person becomes a saint who continues
      to sin, and as far as God is concerned, is no longer a "sinner"
      because he/she is cloaked in Christ's righteousness. "Having been
      freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness" (Romans 6:18).

      So, what actually happened at the moment a person accepts Christ by
      faith, is this: "I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE…"(John 3:16).
      Christ's gifts of forgiveness and life are exchanged for the person's
      sin. The person's dead transgressions are replaced with the very LIFE
      (Spirit) of Christ! Upon one's acceptance of Christ by faith, the Holy
      Spirit then resides in the believer. "Do you not know that you are a
      temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you." Romans 8:9-11
      illustrates the believer's transformation. This is also why some
      Christians refer to themselves as "born again." They are spiritually
      reborn! Jesus said, "Truly, truly (that was with great emphasis on
      Jesus' part) I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the
      kingdom of God" (John 3:5). Living a "moral" life doesn't get one into
      heaven, being reborn is the only way! When a person receives Christ as
      his or her Savior, that person receives all that Christ is in exchange
      for all that the person WAS. The person receives forgiveness and LIFE!

      Finally, to my point. The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of the living
      Christ, now inhabiting Christ's believers. The Holy Spirit resides in
      those of us who believe Christ died in our place. All our sin was
      transferred to Christ, and in turn, Christ's righteousness and life is
      transferred to us. Sure, as believers we may not illustrate Christ all
      the time, but that is because we ARE NOT Christ. We are not perfect
      because we still have flesh; however, Christ is in us, and we are in
      Christ. (Col. 2:10). We are complete in Christ…not when we behave a
      certain way, but because of what Christ has done in us, through us,
      and for us. Christ did it all, once and for all, for mankind. It is up
      to man to choose whether or not he or she will accept Christ's FREE
      gifts of forgiveness and life. People choose to go to hell by not
      accepting Christ's gifts. They choose to pursue a self-life, or a life
      that revolves around what they want, versus pursuing and accepting

      The Holy Spirit is God's very Spirit that inhabits every believer. If
      you don't have Christ, God says you don't have His Spirit. The
      function of God's Holy Spirit, or the Holy Spirit of Christ is
      essentially to do the work of Christ. Christ is no longer physically
      here on earth. Yet, Christ's Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is in every

      The Bible says that the Holy Spirit serves various functions. He
      convicts the world of sin and calls the world to repentance. He
      reveals God's righteousness to anyone who believes. He demonstrates
      Christ's judgment over sin (Satan). He guides and assures believers
      (Romans 8:14-16). He intercedes (Romans 8:26). He convicts,
      illuminates, and teaches (John 16:8-15). And, last but not least, He
      directs and warns (Acts 20:22-23). According to Jesus, not believing
      in Him is sin. To answer the question, is the Holy Spirit God's brain?
      No. The Holy Spirit is God. We know God is Himself a Spirit, though we
      do not know what He looks like, the Bible is very clear to distinguish
      the Holy Spirit, Christ, and God the Father, while making it clear
      that all three are God.

      That is why so many believers pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and
      direct them…will give them the mind and wisdom of God…because the Holy
      Spirit is available to every believer who calls upon Him, as that is
      how God intended to live His life through each and every child. God
      lives His very life through us because His very Spirit lives in us! As
      believers, we still struggle, but we no longer live for ourselves,
      because we have a higher calling and purpose in life now that the very
      Spirit of Christ indwells in each of us. Not only that, but when a
      person truly understands all that Christ has done for him or her, that
      and the person reprograms his or her mind to the truth of their new
      identity in Christ, true change takes place as Christ is able to live
      His life in and through that person.

      Many blessings,

      --- In exgaydiscussionboard@yahoogroups.com, Corinna Chicago
      <corinnachicago@...> wrote:
      > Dose The Holy Sprit and God the "Father" and Jesus have the same Brain?
      > Richard <rtz3@...> wrote: The Holy Spirit Is Your Helper
      > JOHN 15:26 NKJ
      > 26 "But when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from
      > the Father, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father,
      > He will testify of Me.
      > The Holy Spirit's desire and purpose is to help you -- not to
      > hinder you.
      > The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity of God. It
      > is difficult for humans to understand how there can be only one
      > God, as the Scriptures teach, yet He can reveal Himself as
      > three persons. So do not let it be an obstacle for you.
      > The Holy Spirit is a person, not just a force. He should be
      > treated with the utmost respect and shown the utmost gratitude.
      > Following are a few of the ways the Holy Spirit desires to help
      > you, and will help you if you allow Him to.
      > In Prayer
      > ROMANS 8:26 NKJ
      > 26 Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do
      > not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit
      > Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot
      > be uttered.
      > One weakness of humans, compared to God, is in our limited
      > knowledge. We do not even know what is happening on the other
      > side of a wall, let alone the other side of the country. We
      > also do not know what people are planning to do, but the Holy
      > Spirit knows everything. And He will help us to pray accurately
      > and effectively.
      > One way the Holy Spirit helps us in prayer is by giving us
      > utterance in a language for prayer which we have never learned.
      > Thus we can bypass our minds with their doubt and lack of
      > understanding of what is best, and pray according to the
      > perfect will of God.
      > Guides Us
      > The Holy Spirit will, if allowed, guide you in every area of
      > life; from the words you should speak, to the spouse you should
      > marry, to the investments you should make.
      > JOHN 16:13 NKJ
      > 13 "However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will
      > guide you . . . .
      > SAY THIS: Thank You Holy Spirit that You are my Helper!
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