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Re: [ExGDBd] God Loves You

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  • Thomas Morey
    Dear Corinna, Three cardinal and relevant points about the truth of God s love for us, and His hatred of sin, come to my mind from your very sincere and
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 29, 2006
      Dear Corinna,

      Three cardinal and relevant points about the truth of
      God's love for us, and His hatred of sin, come to my
      mind from your very sincere and important inquiry, as
      well as from some of the excellent replies that you
      have been getting from others here at ExGDBd. I want
      to make sure that we have made a full effort to make
      completely clear to you what the enemy, the devil,
      would not want you to understand about our common
      human condition since our rebellion via our ancestors,
      Adam and Eve, against God from the beginning of time,
      which is the primary cause for our being beset by all
      kinds of disorders (including homosexuality and
      transsexuality), diseases, chaos, corruption, and even
      death itself.

      In other words, my first point is, that I believe we
      did not technically choose our respective disordered
      conditions. The Apostle Paul explains these present
      human conditions in which we attempt to deal with in
      some manner as being part and parcel of being under
      the power of "Sin" (The Letter to the Romans, Chapter
      6). This is "Sin" with a capital "S". It is a state,
      condition, or power, in partnership with the world and
      the devil, rather than an act of lawlessness, as with
      it's sister lower case "s" term "sin". Did you
      actually choose those deeply imbedded and enduring
      longings for ridding yourself of your participation in
      certain, or all, male gender social roles and/or
      possession of masculine anatomical characteristics,
      for participating in particular, or all, female gender
      social roles and/or possession of particular or all
      feminine anatomical characteristics? I can honestly
      say that I didn't choose same sex attractions (SSA's),
      even what remains of them in me today. Why would I
      want to do that, knowing all the conjugal and familial
      blessings I would miss out on, as well as all the
      trouble and confusion that lies ahead, in this life by
      doing so? And, why would God hold me responsible for
      something I never chose, that is, these desires?

      However, I do believe that we both chose to rebel
      against God along with our ancestors (I know I do
      everday, don't you?). So, in summation, I believe that
      God does not see the transsexual condition as a sin,
      per se, but is of Sin, or is the fruit (pardon the
      double-entendre expression) of being under the power
      of Sin, due to our common rebellion against Him with
      all the rest of humanity, throughout the ages.

      This leads me to my second point. God does hate "Sin",
      but not those under it, nor does He see even the
      conditions that beset us, as a result of Sin, that
      which is worth loathing and despising. We are not, and
      these are not, the enemy. I believe He sees through
      our conditions with much sadness and pity, seeing us
      more in the light of a victim of a power much greater
      than us, since these prove to Him our inability to be
      all that He made us to be, and enjoy all that He has
      intended us to enjoy!

      However, "Sin" is the enemy, because it involves an
      entity, power, or spirit, that hates everything about
      Him, and reveals this emnity by its pervasive
      promotion and activity of defacement of anything and
      everything God has made. So, of course, He does not
      hate that which has been defaced, nor really even that
      which are the defacing symptoms of Sin. Why would He?
      He created everything: and this includes, especially,
      you and me, as well as all other humans, as the
      pinnacle of His work. And, I do believe He sees and
      treats the many disordered conditions that result due
      to the power of Sin in a separate fashion from that
      which primarily caused them. Again, they are not the
      enemy. So, I don't believe that He hates the
      transsexual, nor the transsexual condition with its
      disordered desires, per se, because neither is a sin,
      nor Sin, but under, or, of Sin. (Does this sound like
      hair splitting word games? I hope you don't see it as
      such.) Rather, it is our choosing to follow our
      disordered desires that is lawlessness, sinful, or sin
      (i.e., seeking a same sex sexual encounter at a
      cruising area, wearing cosmetics with the intent of
      masking one's masculine identity, and by which
      attempting to put on a feminine one instead.)

      As a last point, given all that I said in the
      aforementioned, I believe that our respective,
      "misperceived as larger than life itself", sexual
      disorders are really spiritual in nature, and not at
      all sexual. This is why I believe that the answer or
      resolution is as well a spiritual one. Our gender and
      sexuality have a transcendant origin, from God
      Himself, and therefore are in their very essence,

      So, being introduced to, and getting to know, God the
      Father personally through His Son Jesus Christ, and
      the Holy Spirit Whom He has sent to us, must have at
      least some redeeming affects of gender and sexual
      wholeness in this life, if we truly do seek and find
      Him daily. This is primarily done through worshipping
      Him, talking to Him throughout the day, letting Him
      talk to you, primarily through His Word, the Bible,
      and getting to know others who know Him through
      attending faithfully a local fellowship or church.
      What I believe is most true of all is that God desires
      greatly for us to overcome these debilitating affects
      of Sin, and to meet us in our need, and to give us His
      strength in our weakness, in this life through Him, as
      well as in the one to come. 1 Corinthians 6:11 says,
      "...and such were some of you, but you were washed,
      you were sanctified, and you were justified in the
      name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the Spirit of
      our God."


      --- Corinna Chicago <corinnachicago@...> wrote:

      > Dose God Hate Transexuals?
      > Richard <rtz3@...> wrote: God Loves You
      > You may find it difficult to believe -- but it's
      > true -- God
      > loves you. His love for you is not based on your
      > appearance or
      > your performance -- but on the fact that you are His
      > creation -
      > - His child.
      > Just as a good parent loves their children, so God
      > loves His
      > children -- and even more so. You will not be able
      > to make God
      > stop loving you, no matter what you do or don't do.
      > You can
      > displease Him, you can disappoint Him, you can anger
      > Him -- but
      > you can't make Him stop loving you.
      > What are the practical consequences of God loving
      > you? First,
      > it means you can trust Him. No one who truly loves
      > you will
      > mistreat you. Second, it means God is doing all He
      > can to help
      > you and bless you.
      > "Then why am I not more blessed, if God wants to
      > bless me?"
      > Because you must cooperate with God to receive His
      > blessing.
      > That is why we need continuing instruction from the
      > Bible -- so
      > we can know how to receive all that God has for us.
      > The promise of Jesus is that if we continue in His
      > Word it will
      > reveal the truth to us and make us free. That is the
      > blessing
      > which God has provided for you through Christ
      > because He loves
      > you: true freedom! Freedom from fear, freedom from
      > confusion,
      > freedom from lack, freedom from sickness, freedom
      > from strife,
      > freedom from sin.
      > SAY THIS: God loves me and desires the very best for
      > me. That
      > is why He gave me His Word, so I could know the
      > truth and be
      > free.
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