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Re: [ExGDBd] Morgan Fox Ex Gay Stalking Filmaker!!!!

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  • Katherine Davies
    LOL. So what...... If you are so upset, stalk the stalker and make your own film. Ricky Lirvingston wrote: This guy si stlaking Love in
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2005
      LOL. So what...... If you are so upset, stalk the stalker and make your own film.

      Ricky Lirvingston <xgayboy23@...> wrote:
      This guy si stlaking Love in Action and making a flim about them


      Morgan Jon Fox
      morgan jon fox, co-founder/artistic director

      Co-Founder of Sawed-Off Collaboratory Productions and the MeDiA Co-
      op. Writer/Director of the stage play Red Pain(t), feature length
      films Blue Citrus Hearts, Three Minutes Based Upon the Revolution of
      the Sun, and away(A)wake. His films have won awards across the
      country, screening in over 30 film festivals, in the US and abroad.

      Morgan also co-programmed the first and second annual MeDiA Co-op
      film festivals, will be featured in a lead role in Brandon
      Hutchinsons "Dollars and Signs", and currently has two feature length
      films in pre-production

      Morgan also claims he met Zack???


      "Soon a local filmmaker, Morgan Jon Fox,
      who had met Zach through mutual acquaintances, joined with others to
      start a
      group called Queer Action Coalition, which organized the protests at
      Love in

      "We wanted to show support," said Mr. Fox, 26, who directed a
      fictional film
      about gay teenagers in 2003, shot at White Station High School in
      where Zach is a student. "Then it kind of blew up."

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